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Board of Directors
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  • Officers

    • President: Hillary Theyer
    • Past President: Michelle Perera
    • President-Elect/ Vice-President:Jayanti Addleman
    • Treasurer: Derek Wolfgram
    • Secretary: Stephanie Beverage
  • Directors

    • Susan Broman
    • Chris Brown
    • Brandy Buenafe
    • Jeanette Contreras
    • Erica Cuyugan
    • Margaret Hatanaka
    • Shawn Thrasher
    • Emily Weak
    • Mayra Fuentes (Student Representative)
    • Cecilia Tovar (ALA Chapter Councilor)


Hillary Theyer (President)

Library Director

Monterey County Free Libraries 
Term end: 10/31/2021

When I was 15 and needed a job, my mother recommended that I walk up to the public library, saying a simple “you might like that.”  After several years there, watching excellent role models engage with children in powerful ways, I said “I want to do what they are doing” and found my calling.  When I enrolled in the Master of Library Science program at UCLA, my first group advisor meeting included at least two people who asked “Am I about to waste two years of time and a lot of money? Are there going to be any jobs?”  Our smart advisor told us there would be, and she was right.  (Thank you Dr. Walter!)  I entered my career at a time of recession, where between getting our first training on the Internet we routinely answered questions like “do we need libraries anymore?”  These are questions we still answer today, with a resounding yes, copious examples, hard data, outcomes, and passion.  I fell in love with a career and haven’t left it since.

With every job I had I looked around me and kept saying “I want to do what they are doing” so I had the pleasure of Children’s Librarian, Reference Librarian, Branch Manager, Youth Services Supervisor, Principal Librarian, City Librarian for Torrance Public Library and now I am the Library Director for the Monterey County Free Libraries.  I’ve worked up and down California, as wherever I landed they needed public librarians.  Everywhere I went I saw inspirational work, met amazing librarians, and was supported and taught all along the way.  I learned to make a puppet, sing every verse of Wheels on the Bus, and match a chapter book to a reluctant reader. Then I learned how to handle a stopped up toilet, make a call to the paramedics, and find technology that improves service.  Then I learned to write a performance evaluation, contract for materials, and plan a budget.  All from working professionals who held out their hands and taught me what they knew, and much of that through CLA. 

As I was aspiring to lead, I knew that I needed more education in order to continue to answer the questions about the need for public libraries.  Questions about budgets and return on investment.  Questions about management, community assessment, and strategic planning.  So I added a Master in Public Administration, attending Cal State Long Beach with another group of passionate people, dedicated to various forms of public service. 

I have been helped all along the way by others, and many models of how the profession and the institutions support each other by service to each other.  From personal support such as sending me to my first CLA conference (thank you Lois!) to institutional support such as responding to any inquiry, from any library, with the best experience and examples we had (thank you to everyone on CALIX!).  To give back to an institution that had given so much to me and to libraries, I first ran for the Board of CLA at the insistence of a friend (thank you Shawna!) who said “you might like that.”  I was on the Board for two terms and a bit, with some time as Secretary and on the Executive Committee.  Four Executive Directors, three management companies, a retool of Conference, creation of the Interest Groups, times when the budget would not stretch at all, and we had to take things that were established and determine if they fit in the changing world of libraries. That service led to time as the Chair of the Southern California Library Cooperative, trips to National Library Legislative Day, and time now on the Board of Califa.  Giving back to the profession by serving on a Board for an organization I believe in, and one that makes libraries stronger, is part of this calling. 

Back to my mom, who suggested I might like working at the public library.  She was right, but that shouldn’t be a surprise.  She’s a librarian. 


Michelle Perera (Past-President)
Library Director

Pasadena Public Library

Term end: 10/31/2020

Michelle is the Pasadena Public Library Director, and formerly the Rancho Cucamonga Library Director.  She has 25 years of experience in public libraries, a history of volunteering and service to the CLA, a commitment to fiscal responsibility, grant writing and fund development experience, commitment to developing staff, and 7 years of teaching for the SJSU SLIS program.  She has served in various capacities for CLA, from program chair to events chair to conference chair to sponsorship chair to CLA Board Member.  She is also very interested in fund development and in the last 15 years, she has written our team member for grants totaling almost $10 million.  She has been fortunate to be given the Excellence as a Public Librarian Award, Library Journal Mover & Shaker, and in 2013 was part of the team that received the National Medal for Libraries.  And, last but not least, she loves creating professional development opportunities for my staff and colleagues, and in that capacity, has taught for the SJSU SLIS program and created the Staff Innovation Fund training program (that, through the California State Library, reached 25 libraries systems, 400 staff, and granted out over $500,000 to those jurisdictions).

And, on a personal note, Michelle loves to travel, play board games, watch terrible reality TV, go to shows, feed all the neighborhood cats, and dote on her 7-year old tabby – Cleo Kitty.



Jayanti Addleman (President-Elect/ Vice-President)

Director of Library Services

Hayward Public Library
Term end: 10/31/2022

Jayanti has been the Library Director and County Librarian at Monterey County Free Libraries since 2007 and is currently Director of Library Services at Hayward Public Library. She has a Masters in English from Jadavpur University in India, and a Masters in Library Science from San Jose State University.   Her first job out of Library School was at the pioneering online information company Dialog which laid the foundation for her love for online information and communication. Since then, she has worked at Monterey and Salinas Public Libraries, at Hartnell College and Gavilan College, and as a volunteer librarian at her children’s Montessori school. She is passionate about getting basic library services to all California residents and consider herself a dedicated champion of the underdog. Jayanti is a strong idealist who believes that libraries broaden minds in a way that few other institutions can.



Derek Wolfgram (Treasurer)


Redwood City Public Library

Term end: 10/31/2020


Derek Wolfgram is the Director of the Redwood City Public Library, where he gets to spend every day collaborating with tremendous partners from local government, the business community, the nonprofit sector, and local school districts. He also focuses his energy on the Library’s work to support equity, diversity, and inclusion for all people in our community, as well as creating experiences to help people share the joys of literacy and learning. Previously, he served as Deputy County Librarian at Santa Clara County Library District; County Librarian of Butte County Library; and he held five different positions during 10 years with Denver Public Library in Colorado.


Derek received the California Library Association (CLA) Outstanding Librarian in Support of Literacy award in 2009, and was elected as CLA Vice President/President/Past President for 2011-2014. He has served on the Finance, Leadership Development, Legislation and Advocacy, and Intellectual Freedom Committees of CLA, and he chaired the 2016 Annual Conference in Sacramento. Derek has a passion for promoting professional development, particularly leadership development, and he was a mentor for three years of the Eureka Leadership Institute (2009, 2010, 2014) as well as for the 2016 California Library Leadership Institute. He also served as a member of the Infopeople Advisory Board.


Derek lives in Redwood City with his wife Robin and their dog Izzy, a Rat Terrier/Whippet/Carolina Dog/Border Collie mix who was rescued from Caborca, Sonora, Mexico.


Stephanie Beverage (Secretary)

Library Director
Huntington Beach Public Library 
Term end: 10/31/2021

Stephanie Beverage is the Director of the Huntington Beach Public Library, working for the City since 2009.  Stephanie is a native Californian (with Midwestern roots), born in the North and living in the South.  She is a graduate of UCLA, both for her BA and MLIS.  She has a second Masters degree in European History from Georgetown University.

Stephanie has spent the majority of her professional career working in public libraries in Southern California.  Starting at the Ontario City Library, she has worked for the Los Angeles Public Library System, OC Public Libraries, Alhambra Public Library and South Pasadena Public Library.  She is active in ALA, serving on Committees in both PLA and LLAMA, and she is long time member of CLA.

Stephanie currently lives in Placentia, CA with her husband and their 2 large Ragdoll cats.  In her spare time, she enjoys food (both making and eating), wine, most sports and has been known to travel for college football games. 




Susan Broman

Assistant City Librarian

Los Angeles Public Library 

Term end: 10/31/2022

Susan Broman is the Assistant City Librarian of the Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL), which serves more than four million people—the largest and most diverse urban population of any library in the United States. In this role, Susan serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the organization, overseeing the $194 million budget, Central Library and 72 branches, and a staff of 1,200 people.

At her core, Susan is a thoughtful problem-solver, and she has applied that skill set to more than two decades of library work in southern California. She began her career as a children's librarian and has held a wide variety of positions including branch manager, director of services to adults, webmaster and head of information technology. Susan feels fortunate to have interacted with fantastic teams along the way and has contributed to a number of groundbreaking projects.

Chris Brown

Deputy County Librarian

Santa Clara County Library District 

Term end: 10/31/2021


As deputy county librarian for the Santa Clara County Library District, Chris Brown is responsible for community library development.

In this role, Chris mines opportunities for transformative learning: scenarios in which participants gain new perspectives and deeper meaning through active engagement, critical reflection, and discussion. Libraries offer the ideal conditions for this kind of learning, through self-directed exploration of reading material and resources and through programs, gatherings, and events led or organized by others.

Transformative learning is at the heart of two projects that Chris has spearheaded. The Discover & Go program offers library cardholders free or low-cost tickets to cultural attractions. Through Discover & Go, community members from all backgrounds experience museums, theaters, aquariums, zoos, and science centers they might not have visited otherwise. Discover & Go was awarded the 2012 National Medal for Museum and Library Service.

War Ink is a virtual exhibit that combines original video, photography, and audio interviews to present the stories of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in their own words. War Ink was featured on KQED’s ForumPBS NewsHour, and the Washington Post, and won the American Library Association's prestigious John Cotton Dana Award for its positive impact on the veteran community.

In 2016, Chris was named a Library Journal Mover & Shaker, an honor recognizing individuals who represent “the outsize impacts that librarians can have.” He has also won the California Library Association PRExcellence Award and a National Association of Counties Achievement Award.

Chris holds an MLIS from San Jose State University and an MPA from the University of San Francisco. He has also participated in several Training Group workshops at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Brandy Buenafe

Library Services Administrator

California Department of Corrections of Rehabilitation

Term end: 10/31/2022


A 2007 graduate of San Jose State University (MLIS) and 2018 graduate of National University (MBA, Organizational Leadership), Brandy is the Library Services Administrator for the California Department of Corrections of Rehabilitation, a position she has held for the past five years.  For the seven years before that she did in fact work in correctional libraries. In her present role, Brandy provides support to staff at 35 adult institutions across the state. She also works with public libraries, academic institutions, and government agencies, to advocate for collaborative services for correctional library patrons, the vast majority of which will return to the community.  These conversations have highlighted for her the need for a diversity of voices in library conversations.

Brandy is presently a Governor-appointee to the California Library Services Board, representing institutionalized persons (term ending December 2019), and for the past several years has served on the  California Library Association committee for the PRExcellence award.  She has also worked with the National Institute of Corrections on Evidence Based Correctional Librarianship, with prison library staff from across the country, and provided a library voice in evaluating literacy plans from organizations receiving Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Grants.  Brandy lives in Sacramento with her husband and an assortment of pets.  She is, prison notwithstanding, nice.

Jeanette Contreras

Library Director

Placentia Library District 

Term end: 10/31/2022


As Library Director for the Placentia Library District, former manager at the Fullerton Public Library and supervisor at the Santa Ana Public Library, Jeanette has had over 20 years of administrative and managerial experience leading organizations that have resulted in securing over $1M in federal, state, and private funding for these libraries. Placentia Library District received the Innovative Award from the California Special District Association (CSDA) in 2019 and coverage from CBS News and the Orange County Register. In 2017, the District also received the PRExcellence award for its Reading = Happy video from CLA. 


She has  served on the CLA Leadership Development and Advocacy Committees and REFORMA, chaired the DEMCO scholarship for the American Library Association, and served on the CSDA Professional Development and Fiscal & Financial Committees. As a former board member of the Homeless Intervention Shelter House and Rotary Club of Placentia, she understands some of the issues facing California libraries and opportunities to work with various community partners to address these challenges. She is a proud member of ALA, CLA, PLA, CSDA, Chamber of Commerce, and the Rotary Club of Placentia. 

After 27 years in the library field, she finds that she is still learning and discovering many nuggets of knowledge from library staff, professionals and the community. Jeanette's encouragement has resulted in many of her former and present staff to enter the library profession and considers herself blessed as they have become her reversed mentors. 



Erica Cuyugan

Assistant City Librarian

Santa Monica Public Library

Term end: 10/31/2020


Erica is the Assistant City Librarian for the Santa Monica Public Library. She received her Masters in Library Science from UCLA, where she also worked as a graduate assistant for the California Center for the book and on the reference desk at the Biomedical Library. She has been working in libraries for over 12 years, a majority of which was dedicated to Teen Services at both Benicia Public Library and Santa Monica Public Library. In addition to working with teens, Erica has worked at SMPL as a branch manager and briefly, as the Interim City Librarian. She was a Eureka! Institute Fellow in 2011 and continues to keep in touch with her cohort. She has served on several committees in the past, including ALA/YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers, YALSA Programming and Local Arrangement committees, CLA Member of the Year and Program Planning committees, and SCLC YA Workshop committee.


In her spare time, Erica enjoys being with her family, training for half/full marathons, and going to concerts.


Margaret Hatanaka

Library Services Manager
City of Glendora

Term end: 10/31/2020

Margaret’s dedication to public librarianship has spanned over 30 years. Beginning with her first job as a high school reference clerk to her current position as the Adult Services Supervisor at the Rancho Cucamonga Public Library, Margaret’s passion for librarianship hasn’t wavered. After receiving her MLIS from San Jose State University, she worked as the adult services librarian for the cities of Monterey Park and Monrovia. She challenged herself and broadened her experience by becoming the children’s librarian for the Rancho Cucamonga Public Library. During her 8-year career as the children’s librarian, she helped shift the library’s culture to emphasize the importance of early learning and play in the public library. Margaret was a key member of several innovative LSTA grant funded projects which have made statewide impact, such as the Play and Learn Islands™ and Staff Innovation Fund. She is a longtime supporter of the California Library Association and served as the Public Relations and Marketing Interest Group Leader and Chairperson for the PR Excellence Committee. Margaret is a Eureka Leadership Fellow and a member of the CLA, ALA, PLA and APALA.


In Margaret’s spare time she enjoys playing board games with friends, finding ways to amuse her two cats, watching bad reality TV with her husband, planning trips to Cambria and Las Vegas and tending her small butterfly garden.


Shawn Thrasher
Library Director

Ontario City Library 

Term ends: 10/31/2021


Shawn Thrasher has been working in libraries since high school.  He earned his Masters in Library Science from Emporia State University (Kansas) in 1998, and worked as a Youth Services Librarian at Johnson County (Kansas) Library for five years.  In 2001, he moved to California and started working at Pasadena Public Library as teen librarian.  In 2005, he took a position as Monrovia Public Library’s Senior Librarian, which he held until 2011.  For the last six years, he has worked at Ontario City Library, first as Assistant Director, and since March 2018 as Director. Shawn has been active in American Library Association and California Library Association.  He is a Eureka! fellow (2010).  He has co-presented the annual Serving With A Purpose conference for library friends, trustees, volunteers and the staff who work with them for six years.  He currently serves on the advisory board of the California Center for the Book. 



Emily Weak

Adult Services Librarian

Oakland Public Library 

Term ends: 10/31/2021


Emily Weak is an adult services librarian at the Oakland Public Library, where she enjoys focusing on outreach, partnerships with social service organizations, and the 600s. She has also worked for Mountain View Public Library, San Jose Public Library, Stanford Math-Stat Library, and the California Academy of Sciences (Naturalist Center Library). Prior to becoming a librarian, she was variously: a circus student, a cheesemonger, and a grocery store manager. Pretty much the only legacies from her past are a love of good food (especially cheese) and a decent back bend. She lives in Oakland with two adorable cats and an equally adorable boyfriend. One thing she really loves about her life is being able to bike to work.

Mayra Fuentes (Student Representative)

San Jose State University 

Term end: 10/31/2022


Mayra Fuentes is currently a second year graduate student at San Jose State University. In 2017, she began working for the Los Angeles Public Library as an after-school tutor and a library page. Mayra has always had a strong desire to serve her community: REFORMA, volunteer work as an organizer for a local community garden, bilingual advocacy at a large medical facility, and as a representative in her neighborhood council meetings. Now, Mayra wants to extend the opportunity for students throughout California to participate in their local community as well as the library community through CLA.


Cecilia Tovar (ALA Chapter Councilor)

Principal Librarian

Santa Monica Public Library

Term end: 10/31/2020


Cecilia Tovar is a Principal Librarian at the Santa Monica Public Library and she oversees four branches, as well as both youth and adult services. Cecilia graduated from the University of Arizona’s School of Information as Knowledge River Scholar, and she has a second Master’s in Education. Prior to her current position, she worked five years as a Branch Manager with the Yuma County Library District in Arizona, and also as a Branch Manager for the new Pico Branch in Santa Monica. Cecilia is an active ALA and REFORMA member and she understands the importance of building successful relationships to promote lifelong learning and advocate for access and equity. Cecilia is highly regarded for her dedicated service to diverse clientele, and in 2015 she was selected as a Mover & Shaker by the Library Journal. The following year, she was selected for the Eureka! Leadership Institute in California.