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CLA Elections 2015 - Erwin Magbanua
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Erwin Magbanua, San Diego Public Library

Board of Directors

Candidate Statement

Hello. My name is Erwin Magbanua and I would be honored to be elected to the CLA Board of Directors. I know I can bring my passion for innovation and positive change to the position. I want all our libraries to thrive, and I can help make that happen by ensuring my amazing California library colleagues get the support and resources we need. It cannot be said enough how open communication, robust networking, effective leadership development, and advocacy are keys to our success. These are the things I will strive to build upon and sustain as a CLA Board member. Those who know me are familiar with my accessibility and openness to all and any ideas that will move our profession forward and benefit the people we serve. I believe in taking risks because that is how innovation and change happens. I have a habit of looking at library services from different and unexpected angles in order to find fresh ideas and enhance customer engagement. I look forward to employing these same qualities as a Board member. CLA has been such a critical part of my career in terms of peer support, fresh ideas, and gaining leadership skills. I’d love to return the favor by helping CLA continue to be the best professional resource California libraries have. Thank you. 


Erwin Magbanua is the Programming and Special Events Coordinator for the San Diego Public Library -- a position he’s held for two years. It is a unique job that requires constant out-of-box-thinking and no small amount of political acumen, both of which he has met with enthusiasm and confidence. Prior to this, he spent seven years as a youth services librarian and branch manager. He is adept at cultivating high performing teams, engaging customers, and thinking strategically to meeting the needs of the communities he serves. Erwin is a 2012 Eureka! Leadership Institute Fellow and a current member of the CLA Leadership Development Committee. He has a BA in Anthropology from the University of California at Santa Cruz, an MLIS from San Jose State University, and was *this* close to getting an MA in Asian Studies from San Diego State University when he decided to join the more fulfilling and wonderful world of libraries instead. In his spare time he likes to cook, hang out with his family, catch up with his growing pile of comics to-read, and play video games that his eldest son can’t beat him at.