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CLA Elections 2015 - Andrew Carlos
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Andrew Carlos, California State University, East Bay

Board of Directors

Candidate Statement

Among academic librarians, CLA is known as a predominantly public library focused organization. I don’t think this should be seen as a handicap, but rather a learning opportunity for academic librarians. I’m an active member of CLA because of the opportunity for cross-pollination with other types of libraries. In my years attending CLA, I’ve learned so much about how to be a better librarian because I’ve picked up skills and met people from outside of academia. Additionally, as the California Library Association, I think it’s important to have representation from a wide range of libraries. I am not saying I am the perfect candidate, but I’m dedicated to making sure that academic librarians participate fully with our colleagues. I also see CLA as evolving into possibly a central hub for all librarians. Within our region and within our library types, we will also have our independent groups. But to really be a voice for change, we must work together within one organization to make sure that we are heard. My stance can be summarized as follows: it’s important to get to know your fellow librarians, especially in different types of libraries, because you are always learning new things about your profession. It’s okay to have our independent groups, but we must work together within one organization to elevate our voices. I’m ready and eager to shake things up within CLA - if you’ll give me the chance. 



Andrew Carlos is one of the STEM and Web Services Librarians at California State University, East Bay in Hayward, CA. His research interests including emerging technology, makerspaces, user interface design, mobile technology, popular and viral culture, and information literacy instruction. He is currently working on a research project related to Korean pop culture and its spread through online sources.  He has previously worked as a school librarian in a private high school, as a public librarian in a large, multi-site system, and within a law school library as a serials assistant. Despite how dry this biography sounds, he's quite fun and loves to play board games and video games. Hit him up at CLA for some gaming action!