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Outcomes-Based Summer Reading: Counting Participation
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Counting Participation By Your Targeted Group

Because we are asking you to set a target number of members of a particular underserved target group who participate in your summer reading program, you will need to devise a method for counting the members of your group who sign up for summer reading that works for your library and for the particular group.

If, for example, you are targeting boys, you can determine the number from the end-of-the-summer surveys because they have a line for gender. Here are some other ideas:

  • Non-English speaking children or teens: count the number of surveys in Spanish (or other language) that are returned.
  • Children from a particular school: add a line to the survey that asks children to identify their school.
  • For smaller, more contained groups such as children from a homeless shelter, take the surveys to them at the end of the summer and code the surveys with a colored sticker.