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Outcomes-Based Summer Reading: Survey and Focus Group Resources
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Survey and Focus Group Resources

To collect your data, use our short patron surveys and focus groups with patrons for outcome one and two, and also count the number of targeted community members who participate in the summer reading program as a result of outcome two. These methods ensure that the project can be implemented manageably by staff and that the project will generate valuable outcomes data:
  • Surveys are easy for staff to distribute and collate, and the results can easily be tabulated to clearly show the impact of the library’s summer reading programs.
  • Counting is also simple. This data collection method is more like that of output measures. However, it will help you illustrate that the library-related behavior of your targeted group changed.
  • The focus groups generate rich data that complement and enhance the survey data and allow staff to focus on specific topics of discussion with the targeted groups and find out how patrons are responding to your efforts to build a community of readers and to reach out to underserved populations.

More information about the project’s surveys.

More information about the project’s focus groups.

More information about counting participation by members of your targeted underserved groups.

Survey and Focus Group Questions for Download

The surveys and focus groups are available for download as word documents so that you can tailor them as necessary. We recommend customizing the surveys with your library’s logo and local information so that they are legitimate to your patrons. Variations in the questions are included for children, teens, and adults. Before using the questions, please remember to edit them as appropriate for your target group!