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Zoia Horn Intellectual Freedom Award Recipients
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Zoia Horn Intellectual Freedom Award Recipients

CLA's Zoia Horn Intellectual Freedom Award honors Californian people, groups, and organizations that have made significant contributions to intellectual freedom. Awardees are selected based on recent or important lifetime contributions to intellectual freedom.

The Zoia Horn Intellectual Freedom Award honors California librarian Zoia Horn, who in 1972 chose to serve time in jail rather than betray confidential information. Ms. Horn's experience sets an example of integrity over personal comfort, and has been a model discussed in library literature and shared with generations of library students everywhere. A key goal of the Zoia Horn Intellectual Freedom Award is to celebrate and honor other selfless examples of commitment to intellectual freedom that help preserve free speech in an open society.

  • Nancy Howe, Santa Clara County Library District (2018)
  • Amy Cheney, Oakland Unified School District (2017)
  • Erin Berman, San Jose Public Library (2016) 
  • Julie Oborny, San Jose Public Library (2016) 
  • Kate Roberts, San Jose Public Library (2016) 
  • Amy Sonnie, Oakland Public Library (2014) 
  • David Brin (2013)
  • Yongyi Song, CSU Los Angeles (2011)
  • Brewster Kahle, Internet Archive (2010)
  • Amanda Sharpe, UCLA Graduate Student (2009)
  • Gail Sorrough, UC San Francisco Medical Center Library (2008)
  • Gloria Won, UC San Francisco Medical Library (2008)
  • Tarnel Abbott, Richmond Public Library (2006)
  • Mary Minow, attorney, consultant, former librarian, and library trustee (2004)