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GOVERNOR NEWSOM’S “MAY REVISE” SURPRISE - Newly amended Budget proposal
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May 9, 2019



FROM:           Mike Dillon and Christina DiCaro, CLA Lobbyists

RE:                 News From the Capitol



Newly amended Budget proposal contains new funding for libraries

This morning Governor Gavin Newsom appeared before the press corps at the State Capitol to formally unveil his revisions to his January 2019-20 State Budget.  Known as the “May Revision” or “May Revise,” this document is typically released on or around May 15th after the Governor and his Department of Finance have had the opportunity to receive the April tax receipts and make a more accurate determination about the state’s fiscal health.

Of interest to CLA members was the inclusion in the Governor’s May Revise of almost $10 million in additional “one-time” funding (meaning it must be spent in fiscal year 2019-20 and is not ongoing in nature) for several library initiatives, including early learning and after school library programs.  This funding, if approved by the legislature, would be in addition to the $1 million for the Lunch at the Library program and the $1 million for Zip Books that the Governor proposed in his January Budget.  In the months leading up to the May Revise, State Librarian Greg Lucas had been laying the groundwork for necessary funding for the early childhood and after school programs.  CLA has also been working in conjunction with the State Librarian to push for early childhood learning funding, and we are very pleased to see that the Governor and his Department of Finance have embraced the role of libraries in this area. In CLA’s meeting with the Governor’s Senior Advisor for Early Childhood in late February, she encouraged CLA to propose programs that would “provide the greatest amount of touches” for the most needy populations, which the Governor’s funding proposals today address.  

The Governor spoke for over an hour, laying out the details of the May Revise, which contains a major plan that he calls “The Parents Agenda” and includes funding for early learning, child care, full-day kindergarten, CalWorks, paid family leave, and repealing the diaper tax, among other things.  The Budget also provides funding for housing, homelessness, and heathcare.  The Governor said, “I am using the Budget to advance the things I care deeply about,” but he cautioned that as the next Recession looms, “we need to have a structurally balanced Budget….The headwinds are real.”  The Governor funds many of the new initiatives in his May Revise with “one-time dollars,” so as to not incur ongoing commitments. 

Specifics Regarding the May Revision:  Library Programs

Governor Newsom proposes the following in new, one-time funding for public libraries and the State Library:

  • “One-Time Funding to support Early Learning and After-School Library Program Grants- $5 million one-time General Fund to support grants for local library jurisdictions with the lowest per-capita library spending to develop and implement early learning and after-school library programs. 
  • “One-Time Funding to support Mobile Libraries - $3 million one-time General Fund for the California State Library to support grants for local library jurisdictions to purchase bookmobiles and community outreach vehicles that would be used to expand access to books and library materials in under-resourced neighborhoods. 
  • “Augmentation to support Digitization and Cultural Preservation Activities - $1.7 million General Fund, approximately $1 million of which is ongoing, for the California State Library to coordinate with state entities to identify items for digital preservation, contract for digital preservation services, and to begin conducting or commissioning a statewide survey to inventory cultural heritage assets.
  • “Statewide Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Historical Preservation - $500,000 one-time General Fund to support the preservation of historical Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender sites.”

These issues will likely be considered by the Assembly and Senate Budget Subcommittees on Education Finance in the next couple of weeks and CLA will be closely monitoring these hearings and will indicate support for the Governor’s funding.  We will keep you informed as the committees take action on these items.

The State Budget must be passed by the Legislature by June 15, 2019.