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  May 22, 2017



FROM:           Mike Dillon and Christina DiCaro, CLA Lobbyists

RE:                 News From the Capitol


A two minute call could make a real difference

Your help is needed for a major advocacy effort over the next two weeks, to encourage California State Senators to support SCA 3 by Senator Bill Dodd (D-Napa).  The measure, which is sponsored by CLA, seeks to lower the vote threshold for local construction and renovation bonds for public libraries from the current two-thirds vote to 55%.  SCA 3 recently passed its second policy committee at the State Capitol and is now awaiting a vote on the Senate Floor.  Because SCA 3 is a constitutional amendment, the minimum vote required for passage on the Senate Floor is two-thirds of the body – or 27 of the 40 members.  

Typically, it has been challenging to gain a two-thirds vote of either the Senate or Assembly for measures that lower the vote threshold for bonds or special taxes for local projects.   Some Republican Senators, for example, have indicated that they don’t support the measure because of the policy implications regarding Proposition 13 and local property taxes.  In light of this, it is important for all 40 Senators to hear from their constituents regarding the merits of SCA 3-Dodd.  We are asking you to take two minutes to make an important advocacy call today to your Senator. 

Please note – in order to make a sizeable impact at the State Capitol, we are hoping that each Senator receives approximately 50 calls from library supporters in the next two weeks.  Please reach out to your Friends groups and Trustees, literacy supporters, library staff (not on work-related time), colleagues in the construction and architecture industry, etc. and ask them to make a quick call.  

Here are some quick and easy steps that you can take today to make CLA’s voice heard on SCA 3. 

1)    Please take a moment today to place a call to your Senator.  It is important that Senators hear from their own constituents at this time.  Please feel free to utilize this link, for the official Senate roster, containing the phone number to the Sacramento Capitol office of your Senator.

2)    Call and ask to speak to the legislative director or the person who handles the Senator’s library-related issues.  If that person is not available, ask to leave a voice mail message for him or her.

3)    When speaking with the Senator’s office, feel free to use the following guide for your remarks:

Greeting Message:  “Good morning/good afternoon.  My name is ___________ and I am a constituent of Senator [Name]_________ from [City]__________.”

“I was hoping I could briefly chat with the Senator’s Legislative Director or the person who handles public library issues for your office.   (Or could I leave a voicemail for that person?)”

Policy Message:  “As a constituent of the Senator, I am calling to express my support for a measure that is currently on the Senate Floor – SCA 3 by Senator Bill Dodd.  The bill seeks to lower the vote threshold for local construction or renovation bonds for public libraries from the current two-thirds vote to 55%, similar to the authority currently given to K-12 schools for bonds.”

“Libraries are busier than ever and it is critical that we give communities the tools to build or renovate libraries, in order to address the growing demands of our patrons.”  (May want to cite some of the popular services you are familiar with.)

“I would really appreciate the Senator’s support for the measure when it comes up for vote on the Senate Floor in the next couple of weeks.  Thank you for taking my call.”

[If you reside in the districts of Senators Ben Allen, Bob Hertzberg, Jerry Hill, Mike McGuire, or Bob Wieckowski, please thank them for being a co-author of SCA 3.]  


Note:  If you are asked any questions by the Senator’s offices that you can’t answer, please don’t worry.  Let them know that CLA’s lobbyists, Mike Dillon and Christina DiCaro will be making the rounds to their offices and we would be happy to address any issues that come up in the course of your calls.

Thanks very much for your help.