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Senate elections committee will hear SCA 7-Wolk next week
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June 12, 2013

FROM:            Mike Dillon, CLA Lobbyist
                        Christina DiCaro, CLA Lobbyist
RE:                 News From The Capitol
The Senate Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee will be holding a hearing on several measures next Tuesday that propose to change the current two-thirds vote requirement for local construction bonds, special taxes, and school parcel taxes to a 55% vote, including CLA’s sponsored measure, SCA 7 by Senator Wolk. You will recall that SCA 7 would lower the local vote threshold for the issuance of library construction bonds or for special taxes for the purpose funding library operations. The measure had a good hearing in the Senate Governance and Finance Committee on May 15, and passed out with all Democrat members voting in support. 
Because Constitutional Amendments do not have to adhere to the same policy deadlines as regular legislation, they can move through the process at any time. It was believed that the 55% measures might be held for the rest of the year, and resurrected in 2014 when Democrat Leadership could make some determinations about how to move forward with a united package, rather than 6 or 7 individual measures. However, SCA 7 has been scheduled in its second policy committee, Senate Elections and Constitutional Amendments, for Tuesday, June 18 at 1:30 p.m.
Yesterday when we checked with the Senate Elections Committee, we saw that they were incorporating all of your support letters from the prior hearing in Senate Governance and Finance on to their support list for their committee’s bill analysis. When we met with the Chief Consultant today he said, “I can’t believe how many letters I have gotten on this bill.” Thus, you do not need to send your letters again to the Senate Elections Committee, as you will be reflected on the committee analysis. However, if you did not send a letter previously and would like to do so now, the contact information is as follows:
Senator Norma Torres, Chair
Senate Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee
State Capitol, Room 2203
Sacramento, CA. 95814
Attention: Darren Chesin, Chief Consultant
Fax Number: (916) 445-2496