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Elections:2012: Julie Farnsworth
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Julie Farnsworth for CLA President-Elect

Statement of Concerns


Enough of what we don’t have and can’t get. Let’s focus on what we do have – especially the dedicated and intelligent people who work with us, believe in libraries and can move us forward. We have choices and options, if we are willing to question our assumptions. We have a history of innovation amid scarcity and a willingness to work together. We have the affection of the public at large. We have a history of adopting and promoting technologies that should make us proud.

If we reduce our isolation and silos, we can leverage that to assist each of us. CLA needs to be the communication, brainstorming and networking backbone of our efforts. My goal as the President-Elect would be to focus the energies and resources of CLA on becoming the backbone and network between us.

Julie Farnsworth's Background

Since entering the world a month late due to my insistence on finishing the book I was reading (my mother’s not-really-thrilled interpretation), I have had a library career including reading books I was supposed to put away as a 15-year-old page, marveling at the wonders of an automated patron database while typing in thousands of name/address/phone/card number combinations, attempting to learn cataloging by staring at previously typed catalog cards, delighting in an actual education in the field at BYU, conning various Utah public library boards into hiring me as their director, changing computer tapes in a dusty basement, serving as the President of the Utah Library Association, and then coming to the promised land of California and serving in various CLA roles here (conference program co-chair, public section president, PLP board member/VP, gadfly for retreat-type library leadership training) while being the Deputy County Librarian for Santa Clara County and the Director of the Pleasanton Public Library.


2012 Elections