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Cataloging Musical Scores and Sound Recordings Workshop -- Archived Materials
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Cataloging Music Springfling Webinar: Archived Materials

photo of presenters
From left to right: Nancy Lorimer, Hermine Vermeij, John Redford.

Archived materials for program registrants.


Welcome, introductions and overview

Introduction from Mary Cohen

Welcome to CLA's annual Spring Fling Series and our program on cataloging musical scores and sound recording.  My name is Mary Cohen and I am head of Technical Services for the Palos Verdes Library District in Rolling Hills Estates, CA and the current chair for  CLA's Technical Services Interest Group.  I would like to welcome all our participants to our program, we have over 40 participants online viewing the webinar and 10-15 in-person today at Cal State-Los Angeles.  As a token of our appreciation, I would like to present the library staff who are helping us with this gift basket of goodies.  I would like to acknowledge Yongyi Song and his staff for accommodating us today at CSU-LA and providing a comfortable atmosphere for our program.  Yongyi is head of Tech Services at the university's library and a just a note that he was the 2011 recipient of CLA's Intellectual Freedom Award.

A big thank you to our 3 presenters for giving their time to put together this valuable workshop. We are excited to have these 3 talented speakers present our hybrid workshop.  This type of workshop is new territory for CLA and the interest groups and we hope everyone has an enjoyable experience today.  Thank you to Infopeople for helping us with the webinar technology today.

Special thanks to Bie-hwa Ma of UC San Diego for spearheading the program and working hard on all the details and keeping everything straight.  We appreciate the hard work she put into this.

Thank you to Stephanie Roach for her extensive promotion of this program, she really got the word out!  Also thank you to Loretta Staal, our TSIG co-chair and Yolanda Blue of the TSIG group for volunteering time to help make the program come together.

Following today's program, you will be receiving an email with a link to an online evaluation form.  CLA would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to fill this out by April 18.  Your feedback will be valuable.

THANK YOU!  Our co-sponsor has a few words now.

Introduction from James Soe Nyun

Good morning everyone. My name is Jim Soe Nyun, currently Past Chair of the Southern California Chapter of the Music Library Association (MLA/SCC).  I'd like to welcome you to this workshop which being co-sponsored by the Chapter and CLA's Technical Services Interest Group. I would like to thank everyone who made today's event possible: our collaborators at CLA, and a warm thanks to our hosts here at Cal State LA.

This morning's presentation should be a great opportunity to hear about topics of interest to Music Catalogers and anyone else who might have to deal with musical materials. If you find this useful, I invite you to become more familiar with MLA/SCC and the national Music Library Association. The local chapter has many catalogers in its membership, so you're quite likely to find people in it who could help out with questions you might have. We've assembled the slide you see behind me, which lists our contact information, as well as the addresses of our listservs, where you'll encounter many interesting discussion. As an aside I'd like to mention that our chapter is currently working on a possible merger with the Northern California Chapter, so that by this time next year we might be part of a larger, even more active chapter that includes all of the state—plus Hawaii. Woo hoo!
Now without further ado I'd like to introduce our presenters for today's workshop.

Nancy Lorimer holds a BMus, Music History and MLIS from the University of Western Ontario, an MMus from the University of Edinburgh, and did doctoral studies at the University of Chicago. She is former Chair of the Bibliographic Control Committee of the Music Library Association (MLA), and is currently a member of the Subject Access Subcommittee, the Form/Genre Task Force and the RDA Best Practices Task Force in MLA, Coordinator for the NACO Music Funnel and soon-to-be former Chair of the Northern California Chapter of MLA. At Stanford, she is responsible for the acquisition and cataloging of music materials in all formats. Along with other Stanford catalogers, she currently performs all her original cataloging using RDA and recently began training a participant in the NACO Music Funnel in RDA headings.

Hermine Vermeij holds an MLIS from UCLA and a BA in Music from UC Santa Cruz. She currently chairs the Music Library Association (MLA) Subject Access Subcommittee and is the MLA liaison to the ALA Subject Analysis Committee. She is active in genre/form projects within both MLA and ALA. In 2010 she participated as part of the MLA/OLAC group in the U.S. National Libraries RDA Test, cataloging scores and sound recordings using RDA. At UCLA she catalogs material for the Music Library as well as social sciences monographs in German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic, and Tagalog.

John Redford holds a BMus from the University of Glasgow, an MM from the University of Redlands, a DMA from the University of Arizona, and an MLIS from San Jose State University. His responsibilities at Biola include copy and original cataloging of music and non-print materials, music collection development, reference and bibliographic instruction. He serves as an adjunct professor of piano literature and has also taught a music research methods course.

Pt 1 Scores - Descriptive Elements, Exercises (Hermine Vermeij)


  • Scores – Descriptive Elements (AACR2)
  • Hands-on exercises (scores)


Note: The first few seconds of this presentation were not captured by the recording-- a transcript of the first few introductory remarks is provided directly below.

We're all here today to learn about music cataloging. We are going to cover a lot of ground today, but even so, we cannot teach you everything however hard we try. We will teach you basic cataloging of scores and cd's, but not electronic or microfilm scores, streaming audio or older analog types of disc. We will teach you to understand and use uniform titles, but not how to create them on your own. We hope you come out of this workshop with the grounding and confidence to catalog the majority of scores & sound recordings that are part of a library's general collection. The slides we are presenting and that you have a copy of are intended to be a comprehensive reference guide for you once the workshop is complete and you return to your cataloging work.

Pt 2 Searching and Copy Cataloging, Uniform Titles (John Redford)


  • Searching and Copy Cataloging Music
  • Uniform Titles for Music


Pt 3 Sound Recordings AACR2, RDA for Scores & Sound Recordings, Exercises (Nancy Lorimer)


  • Sound Recordings in AACR2
  • A Brief Introduction to RDA for Scores & Sound Recordings
  • Hands-on exercises (sound recordings and RDA)


Pt 4 Subject Headings, Exercises (Hermine Vermeij) Questions (all presenters)


  • Subject Headings for Music
  • Hands-on exercises (subject headings)
  • Questions (all presenters)