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CLA Lobbyist - Michael F. Dillon and Associates, Inc.

Michael Dillon and Christina DiCaro have represented CLA’s legislative needs more than 30 years. Their dedication to CLA and the California library community has long been recognized as one of the leading strengths of CLA - an area of repeated and continued success that no other California library entity, individual jurisdiction or member, can achieve. 
As the "face of public libraries in the Legislature", Mike Dillon and Christina DiCaro's visits with lawmakers on a regular basis keep the legislators asking "How are my libraries doing?" Mr. Dillon, receipent of the 2010 CLA President's Award, has devoted over three decades of his professional life to a myriad of legislative activities - sponsoring legislation to "News from the Capitol" alerts to testifying on library-related bills to supporting CLA staff, members and committees in numerous ways. 
The CLA lobbyist have actively protect library funding during the state Budget deliberations. Through their dedicated lobbying foro the library community, the public library funding through Public Library Foundation (PLF) and Transaction-Based Reimbursement (TBR) has been spared during three very draconian budget seasons. 
Since 1978 the efforts of the CLA Lobbyist, and the dedicated CLA volunteer leaders, have resulted in close to $1 billion in cumulative financial support for libraries through library bonds and PLF. This along with their efforts in aligning CLA with other associations and organizations to preserve library funding has improving the lives of generations of California libraries, librarians and library users.