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California Library Snapshot Day


Here’s what some of your colleagues are saying about Snapshot Day. Please join them in contributing to CLA’s statewide library advocacy initiative!

Taking Part in Snapshot Day is Easy!

Our website contains all the information you will need for planning your library's Snapshot Day, collecting and submitting data, and utilizing your results.

Will you join us? Email your library name and URL to and we'll add your library to our list of participants. Let CLA know why you're taking part so that we can use your endorsement to encourage other libraries to participate!

Need Help?

We have a team of librarians available to answer your questions! Click here to find your Snapshot Day contact.


"This is an excellent opportunity to show those who make decisions the impact both school and public libraries have in their respective communities. This snapshot will provide the data that back up the studies that correlate strong school libraries and student achievement."

Pam Oehlman
Teacher Librarian
Long Beach Poly High School

"We are participating as a means of getting word out about our library, what we have to offer the community, and also, as a means of advocating for all libraries in California. Without libraries, so many people would be cut off from valuable knowledge and information. Libraries ensure equal access of information to all - county law libraries ensure that the public has free, equitable access to legal information (often hidden or inaccessibly costly)."

Mary Ellen Massa
Reference Librarian
Alameda County Law Library (Hayward Branch)

"We see this as an important opportunity to share our community stories, and to advocate for public libraries throughout California."

Inga M. Labeaune
Reference & Readers Services Manager
Monterey Public Library

"It is difficult to put a lot of what we do into words. We describe wonderful, life-changing, amazing things that happen in libraries every day. But our perspective needs to be backed up by stories, images, and most of all, data.

Snapshot Day will give us a chance to do that - to gather data from all over California, from all kinds of libraries. To gather stories, testimonials, and first-hand information on what a day in the life of a library is all about. Who we serve, who walks through the doors, what they get, and how we touch our communities. From pictures of a program, to surveys, to hard numbers on remote use of library resources, this day will capture what California is doing for its residents through libraries.

Snapshot Day is only as powerful as those who participate. We know libraries in California are powerful institutions, so let's prove it."

Hillary Theyer
Principal Librarian of Public Services
Torrance Public Library

"This is a great way to go beyond the numbers and tell the story of today’s libraries. Solano County Library looks forward to being a part of this statewide advocacy movement."

Bonnie Katz
Director of Library Services
Solano County Library


California Library Snapshot Day is part of a national campaign! Please see the

American Library Association website

for more information.

California Library Snapshot Day is a project of the California Library Association (CLA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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Snapshot Day

California Library Snapshot Day