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January 28, 2015 - New Library Services
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I wish that I could be like the cool kids (or considerations when introducing a new library service) 

Often after attending library conferences, I leave with not only a list of new professional contacts but also tons of new ideas I want to put into practice at my library. Although some of these ideas are innovative and creative, some may not be a good fit for my community and library system. Having said this, here are some things to consider before introducing a new library service:

  1. How much staff time will be needed to operate this service?
    Working in a rural library system, there’s less staff and therefore less time available for long training sessions.  This is when things like online webinars come in handy so that staff can learn about new services on their own time. 
  2. Is this service sustainable?
    If funding was removed, could this service still go on without disruption or would its quality decrease?
    If this service is funded with grant funds or donations, could it survive if funding is cut or donations are no longer given?
  3. Is this new service something needed in your community?
    Would this service meet a need faced in your community or is this service something that you want because you have a personal interest?
  4. Can you see this service being relevant five years or ten years from now?
    Is this service part of a popular trend or is it something that can permanently assist with the missions and goals of your library system?

By asking these four questions (and sub-questions) before introducing a new library service, this can help provide or streamline new library services for you community as well as lead to less stress among library staff.

Tamara Evans


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