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Mobile Library Services Interest Group
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Mission Statement

Mission: to support, inform, advocate and share all things mobile libraries.

As libraries and people are always changing, so too will information on this page.  We will strive to be relevant and encompassing.  If you would like to add, contribute or start a conversation, please feel free to contact us.


  1. To provide support to those with mobile libraries, planning a mobile library or just interest in mobile libraries.
  2. To advocate for outreach and mobile library services.
  3. To advocate for underserved and unserved community members that have limited access.
  4. To build on those nostalgic bookmobile feelings, demonstrate that mobile libraries are relevant to people's lives and are alive and well.


Amytha Williard, Santa Clara County Library District:
Nicole Cuadra, San Mateo County Libraries:


Sacramento Public Library Lobby Drop Off Procedures

Sacramento Public Library Mobile Curbside Procedures

Sacramento Public Library Curbside Bookmobile

Sacramento Public Library Curbside Van Example

Santa Clara County Library District Bookmobile Service

Networking Conversation Notes: Zoom Meeting #1 held on July 28, 2020


Members of the Mobile Library Services Interest Group are invited to join the Mobile Library Services Listserv where members communicate and share information.


Be part of the Mobile Library Services Interests Group on Facebook and share your mobile library images and adventures!

Please note: the listserv will be reviewed twice per year and non-active CLA members will be removed from the list.

Mission Statement

The Adult Services Interest Group exists to provide a space to share ideas, guidance and support for those working with adults across the demographic, socioeconomic and intellectual spectrum.


Beyond traditional reference service, this group serves as a forum for and actively promotes the view that adults are people, too, needing their own unique slate of services and support as do those that work with them in libraries across the state.



Lead and sponsor programs at CLA which represent and foster the highest standards of service and innovation.


Offer a Spring Fling program, generated by interest group members and of interest to the California library community as a whole.


Host a robust social media presence where ASIG members can exchange ideas and challenges in a supportive environment.