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CLA Elections 2014 - Carolyn Brooks
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Carolyn Brooks, El Dorado County Library

Statement of Concerns

“It’s such a shame that libraries aren’t used anymore.” How many of you hear this on a regular basis? Our libraries are busier than ever before with innovative programs and practices and are thriving, but our public persona is the strict old lady shushing noisy book readers. How many of our users and patrons do not even realize we have resources like eBooks available? Are your local agencies and governments convinced that you are vital for the growth and development of your communities? If not, then we must work together, share our cumulative wealth of knowledge and experience and make a plan of action for correcting their view of libraries. We need to change our image, enlighten our communities and show off our incredible services!

Reveal the Change!

Let’s unify the message of library relevancy, refine it to short talking points, and using the power of CLA and its members, spread that uniform message across the state!

Shout it loud and proud…We must inform our community stakeholders about the amazing and innovative programs and practices that happening just down the street at their local library, and we need the tools to do that.

I have seen firsthand the value of working as a team with our neighboring businesses, county and city agencies, and educational groups…together we are so much stronger!

It is through partnerships that libraries can become seen as the vital contributor to their community that they are and establish solid funding sources.

Opening communication lines and the sharing of resources between library systems provides incredible support and benefits, and we need to do more to develop these relationships.

I welcome the opportunity and privilege to make a difference for the libraries in California, to unify and solidify our message to the people who live and work in our communities and to actively promote and support collaborative partnerships with major community stakeholders, local and state agencies, and most importantly, with each other.


Carolyn Brooks has been with the El Dorado County Library for the past eight years, currently as the Branch Manager at the El Dorado Hills Branch Library.   As the former Youth Services Librarian at El Dorado Hills Branch Library, Carolyn was instrumental in implementing a major early literacy program through grant writing to non-profit agencies such as First Five and corporate entities, resulting in over $1,000,000 in grant funding over the past five years.  Recent grant writing continues to underwrite innovative library programs, such as Sensational Storytime (Sensory Storytime for children with special needs) and our Playmobile (think Bookmobile meets Early Learning Center). Her background as a Credentialed Teacher and Mentor, elementary through high school grades and college fuels her interest in early literacy.   

Carolyn is currently serving on the California State Early Learning Initiative Advisory Committee and has served as a CLA Program Selection Committee Member (2013) and a Committee Leader and Coordinator for the Early Learning 2.0 PreConference, CLA (2013) and the Early Learning Summit 2.0 PreConference CLA (2014).   She has also been a frequent presenter at the CLA and CAEYC (California Association for the Education of Young Children) conferences.   Carolyn is a contributing author for Partnerships and Collaborations in Public Libraries:  Resources and Solutions, which has been instrumental in disseminating innovative library practices.  She earned a BA from Pacific Lutheran University and a MLS at San Jose State University. Four sons, one husband, a dog, a lizard and a fish share a home with Carolyn.

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