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CLA Elections 2014 - Beth Wrenn-Estes
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Beth Wrenn-Estes: San Jose State University

CLA Statement of Concerns

I have been serving as the association’s Treasurer since January of 2014. Before that appointment I was on the CLA board as a Director-At-Large for three years. I have chaired the Bylaws and Governance Committee and currently I chair the Finance Committee and am a member of the Intellectual Freedom Committee.

I am running as an incumbent for the Treasurer position in the upcoming CLA elections and I am running unopposed. However I wanted to let members know that I would still very much like their support in the upcoming election.

I came onto the CLA board at a time of financial crisis.It wasn’t an easy time to be anew member to the board. Outwardly the conference was being a success as were spring flings, our programs and our lobbying efforts were strong. Why the financial issues? There are so many reasons for why CLA struggled back when I came on the board and even before that and struggles now with remaining financial stable. The economy in general is a large factor, the need for more federal and state support is another. In addition recent trends show people in general not joining associations any longer. Looking for social media to be the way they communicate. Our two main income streams are membership (all types) and conference but in order to have the staff we need and continue to grow we are faced with finding and expanding into more diverse sources of income.

As Treasurer over the past months I have learned a great deal about how CLA operates and have researched financial history back as far as I could find documents. I feel like I know more about the history of the organization but that I still have a lot more to learn.

I’ve seen how hard both the board and the staff work to keep CLA running smoothly. We are by no means done with our work and over the past year the board has entered into serious discussion in regards to our purpose; our programs; our strengths and our weaknesses. CLA has gotten through the past year with the dedicated efforts of everyone involved with the association becoming problem solvers and at the same time visionaries of what could be. I am proud of the work the Finance Committee has done working with the board and the staff to closely monitor income and expenses ending the13-14 fiscal year in the black. I would like to acknowledge them in this statement because without them we wouldn’t have done the level of work that we accomplished.They are: Robert Karasu, Vanessa Christman, Kathy Gould,Hilary Keith, Deborah Doyle and Derek Wolfgram.

I want to continue to be a part of the team working on all of the upcoming challenges,decisions and successes. I believe in state library associations. I believe in CLA. What do I bring to the job? I have been involved with finances of one sort or another in every job I have ever had. I believe in transparency and collaboration with my other board members, our magnificent staff and members in our community who have talents and skills both tapped and still to be tapped.

CLA will continue to face challenges but one big difference to now and when I first came onto the board is that we are facing these challenges truly as a team. We are looking for solutions and making hard decisions.

I am most proud of the time I have invested in my job as Treasurer. I feel it is absolutely important to stay in constant communication with other committee chairs, the finance committee, officers and most importantly staff. I will continue this practice into my next term. One of the most important jobs the Treasurer has is reporting out to not only the board but to the membership on financial matters. I am in no way a staff member but I work closely with the budget so that there is oversight. CLA finances should not be secret but should be transparent to our membership. I would love to reignite members to care about the financial state of the association and to see the many projects, programs and representation it does for libraries and librarians all over the state of CA. Our individual members and our institutional members make us a strong voice to decision makers.

I’d love to have your support, your vote, for me as Treasurer in this fall’s election.


Beth Wrenn-Estes


Beth Wrenn-Estes has held positions in school and public libraries. She was the Manager of Technical Services, Collection Development and Acquisitions for Denver Public Schools in Colorado. Before Wrenn-Estes started teaching in the School of Information at San Jose State University full-time she worked at Lone Tree Library in Douglas County, CO. Beth was a youth services librarian and was responsible for both programming and services. She is passionate about libraries and especially serving youth.

Wrenn-Estes is currently researching Early Childhood Literacy and Learning in library and non-library environments. Wrenn-Estes' research interests also include information seeking behaviors of youth and serving disconnected youth in public and school populations through both children and young adult literature as well as effective and diverse programming and services.

Wrenn-Estes is a member of ALA, ALSC ALISE, ASS&T,YALSA, NCTE, CLA, BAYA, BAYNET and Freedom to Read Foundation. She currently serves as the Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee for the California Library. She is also Treasurer of The Bay Area Young Adult Librarians Association.

She has served as President of the Colorado Association of Libraries and served on that association's conference committee and as conference chair as well as the publications committee and the foundation committee.

Along with her passionate involvement in libraries she was also the Competition Manager for Cycling at the 1996 Atlanta Games.

Wrenn-Estes received the iSchool Outstanding Teacher Award in 2012 and The Most Distinguished (Faculty) Service award in 2014.

Wrenn-Estes' husband Mark is a law-librarian and is the Director of the Alameda County Law Library. She has one daughter, Whitney, and two grandchildren (Lorelei and Tabitha).

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