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Call for Proposals 2015 - Ignite Sessions
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The Call for Proposals for Ignite Sessions is Now Open!

Are you a ground-floor library staffer who has been too busy running the dang library to come up with a full-fledged conference presentation idea?

Would you like to do an offbeat 5 minute TL;DR library conference presentation, at night, surrounded by your rowdy night owl peers?

This year we have two additional opportunities for people to present at CLA’s Annual Conference: Ignite Sessions! We’re rolling out two distinct flavors of Ignite Sessions, so please read the information below before deciding which opportunity is right for you:

Interested in presenting a full-length session (45 minutes or longer)?  Learn more information about submitting a proposal here.   


Ignite Sessions for Conference Presenting Newbies 

  • Are you interested in gaining presentation experience, but unsure of where to start?
  • Have you ever flirted with the idea of presenting at a conference, but you’re not sure you can talk for 90 or even 45 minutes on a topic?
  • Why not Ignite @ CLA 2015?

We are looking for conference presenting newbies to serve as presenters/panelists for Ignite Sessions at CLA’s Annual Conference in Pasadena.

Ignite sessions have a very unique format that we think will be perfect for first-time presenters: you have 5 minutes to present on a topic and must use 20 slides. For more information about the Ignite format, please click here:

Requirements for Presenters:

  • We are looking for first-time or inexperienced presenters. We’d like some new faces to be present and active at our conference and think Ignite is just the ticket!
  • You must be willing to work together with the CLA Ignite Chairs, meet the deadlines that we set, and be open to receiving feedback about your presentation. We want to help you through every step of the presentation process so you will kick ass and take names once conference rolls around.
  • Everyone, regardless of position or employment status, is welcome to submit a proposal. 
  • We’re going to need you to register for the Annual Conference, and it would be ideal if you had the support of your workplace or institution (and we can help with making the case!)

Submit Your Proposal:

Deadline: Friday, March 27, 2015

And if you’d like to submit a regular session proposal and an Ignite proposal... go for it!

Ignite Session FAQs

Do I need to be a CLA member to submit an Ignite proposal?
No, however preference will be given to CLA members. You can join CLA here 

What kind of topics are you looking for?
We decided against specifying topics, as we didn’t want to limit your creativity, but here are some keywords we’re looking for: nuts, sassy, different, anti-authority, anti-anti-authority, something you’re proud of, something you think should be changed or made better, inspiring, cautionary, bold, honest, authentic.

Click here to see examples from ALA’s Ignite Sessions

What kind of help/assistance will be provided:
Unfortunately we can’t provide any kind of financial assistance for you to attend the conference. However if your presentation is selected we will offer you advice, support, guidance, and encouragement. The Ignite Chairs are also in the process of setting up a fun event for Ignite presenters at the conference where snacks and beverages may be provided.

What’s in it for me:  
Great question! You’ll gain valuable experience presenting at a professional conference (which looks super on the ol’ resume) and make some great contacts with your co-presenters and CLA Ignite chairs. 

Can I submit a proposal if I’ve presented at a conference before?
Yes, you can- so long as you understand that the goal of this program is to encourage first-time presenters and ground floor library staff to participate more fully in CLA’s conference. We’ll need you to provide more information about your past presentations on the application.

Also, if you have a topic that’s a little on the wackier side, please consider submitting a proposal to the “After Dark” Ignite Sessions- as we’re not specifically recruiting first-time presenters for those.


After Dark Ignite Sessions for Friday Night 

Do you have any professional or personal interests, program ideas, or just random thoughts that are just a little weirder, macabre, or involve adult themes and activities?

Well, let your freak flag fly and submit a proposal for our After Dark Ignite Sessions

There are no special requirements for these Ignite Sessions (aside from conference registration) and we welcome even the most offbeat presenter and topic.

Topic Examples:  Obit Collecting from the Library Archives, Reflections on Cats Playing Theremins, Bourbon Research Advisory, My First 100 Days as a Library Director in GIFsI

For more information about the Ignite format, please follow this link:

Throw your hat in the ring:

Deadline: Friday, March 27, 2015

And if you’d like to submit a regular session proposal and an Ignite proposal... go for it!

Please note: all poster and program presenters are required to obtain a full conference registration by the close of the Early Bird registration period in order to participate at conference. A full one-day registration for the day you are presenting is acceptable; an Exhibit Hall pass does not constitute a full registration. If you have any questions, please contact CLA Interim Executive Director, Natalie Cole,

If you have questions, please be in touch at any time

Program Content: Vanessa Christman, Conference Program Committee:
Technical Questions:  Natalie Cole, CLA Interim Executive Director: