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CLA Preconferences at 2015 ALA Conference
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Please join us at one (or more!) CLA preconferences at the 2015 ALA Conference in San Francisco.

Special rates are available for CLA members!

Please see below for full information and visit the ALA conference website to register.



Communities in Need: Innovations in Service and Design for Connecting Users with Social Services (AFL2) 

Public libraries are increasingly responsive in developing new models of service to address 21st century community needs including service to persons experiencing mental illness, persons experiencing homelessness, patrons who are in need of medical care and families living in poverty. The California Library Association, in conjunction with the Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA), is presenting a full day preconference to share the latest best practices from across North America including innovations from Richland Library and Pima County Library that feature the addition of a public health nurse to their on-site programming. Presentations will also include Edmonton Public Library, the Free Library of Philadelphia, the Madison (WI) Public Library and San Francisco Public Library to highlight the evolving impacts of social worker programs in public libraries.

Thursday, June 25 | 9:00am-4:00pm

If you are a member of CLA or LLAMA use special code AFL2015 to receive the price of $219.

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Relationship-Building and Community Engagement (AFL5) 

Survival of the public library is about relevance, and the key to relevance is engagement. That’s our future. Engagement, with customers, community, stakeholders, partners, and staff, is about people being in relationships. Public libraries need to approach relationships with the confidence that we have something of value to offer, and clarity about what we hope to gain from others that will move our strategic initiatives forward. 
In this session we’ll explore the various meanings of community engagement, talk about staff engagement, and discuss what it takes to build relationships in both our outward and inward worlds. We’ll hear about strategies for building productive relationships with staff, communities, partners, and stakeholders. We’ll talk about how to rightsize our relationships - recognizing there should be a correlation between the level of effort we put into nurturing relationships and the value we both offer and receive. We’ll discuss how to seek out strategic relationships that align to organizational priorities, and practice having conversations to build relationships in which you might have something to teach, want to learn, or hope to collaborate. Please show up ready to be engaged, interactive, and appreciative of all that is offered, you contribute, and acquire in this daylong session. Our guest speakers are Susan Hildreth, Gary Wasdin, Luis Herrera, and Jan Sanders. Cheryl Gould and Sam McBane Mulford will facilitate the workshop. 

Thursday, June 25 | 8:30am-4:00pm

If you are a member of CLA use special code AFL2015 to receive the price of $219.

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Uncommit: How Do We Stop So We Can Start Doing What Really Matters (AFL6) 

Libraries try to be everything to everyone. The challenge is taking on new initiatives that require new skill sets when we can’t bear to let anything go. In Jim Collins’ Good to Great framework, he says great organizations are clear about the difference between their core values (which never change) and operating strategies and cultural practices (which endlessly adapt to a changing world). Within a changing landscape of what people need from libraries, we have to figure out what we do well and do that, and stop doing what others are already doing well. We have finite capacities and must choose how to create the best outcomes and impacts for our communities. Our core values haven’t changed, and we need to find new ways to use our natural assets to deliver services, value, and make a difference. It’s about delivering the value you’re meant to deliver and not just the conventional services you’ve always delivered. Please know that this session will be energizing and affirming. You’ll leave with confidence around how to get to the why of deciding to stop doing things in your library. You will be able to talk about your decisions in terms of abundance and not scarcity, in terms of creating greater impact and not taking something of value away from your community. Our guest speakers are Jan Sanders, Kent Oliver, Jane Light, and David Singleton. Cheryl Gould and Sam McBane Mulford will facilitate the workshop.

Friday, June 26 | 8:30am-12:00pm

If you are a member of CLA use special code AFL2015 to receive the price of $109.

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