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Insider Article [April 2014] [04/01/14] (Conference Update: Crowdsourcing)
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2014 Conference Update: Crowdsource the Vote!

It was such a success last year, we are doing it again. We’re crowdsourcing the vote so you can pick the programs you want offered at the CLA Annual Conference in Oakland, November 7-9, 2014.

Starting April Fool’s Day, the programs will be ready for you to check out.  Instead of an Up and Down Vote like last year, we’re allowing only Up Votes, no Down Votes (why be a h8r?). 

To vote, you have to register on the site.  That may sound  like a pain but that way, we ensure you only vote once AND you’ll be able come back and modify your votes (you can “unvote” after you’ve voted something Up). And, you can come back to continue your voting because THERE ARE SO MANY PROGRAMS to vote on, you may not have time to do it in one sitting!

We received 194 proposals and the Program Committee has selected some already (phew!) so there will be some surprises….  But there are still  over 80 sessions we’d like you to help us evaluate.  We’ll take the results of the crowdsourcing votes into account when we finalize the slate of programs.  As you’ll see, the conference is going to be spectacular.  Submissions have been outstanding – in quantity and quality and breadth.

Voting will be open from April 1- April 11 only.  You can vote up.  You can unvote.  You can add comments too! So feel free to lobby for a program you really like. And you can Tweet and Like and Google Plus program descriptions as well!

So, like The Fool, get ready to step off the cliff into the great unknown – completely open to new and exciting adventures!

Crowdsource the Vote!
Pick your Favorite CLA 2014 Conference Program Submissions

Voting Open April 1- April 11, 2014

Lori Ayre & Mary Menzel
Program Committee Co-Chairs
CLA Conference 2014