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Insider Article [January 2014] [1/07/14] (Leadership Development Committee Report)
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Leadership Development Committee Report

The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) began the year intent on seeking the strongest candidates possible to continue to lead the California Library Association.  The committee developed a matrix tool that we (and future LDC committees) could use to identify demographic, geographic, and expertise gaps at the leadership level.  The matrix also helped insure consideration of candidates from rural, school, and academic fields which have traditionally been underrepresented.  As a result, the committee submitted one of the strongest and most diverse fields of candidates ever.  We were particularly pleased to see an enormous increase in interest from students of California's library schools seeking to run for office.  Overall, I am thrilled with the job of this year's LDC and the prospects for strong leadership in the future.

Wayne Disher
CLA Past President
Leadership Development Committee Chair, 2011-2012