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Insider Article [January 2014] [1/07/14] (Bylaws and Governance Committee Report)
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Bylaws and Governance Committee Report

Our meetings this year primarily focused on our continued review of the Association’s governance documents started in 2011. In addition, the committee worked with the President and BOD to rewrite the Committee section of the Bylaws and Standing Rules document that was ultimately submitted to the Board for approval. The committee also made recommendations to the board on the language needed to create a conflict of interest policy for the board to consider and that discussion will be carried forward into 2014.

The Bylaws and Governance Committee is charged with keeping CLA’s Bylaws and Standing Rules consistent with the association’s current practice, and committee members review the Bylaws and Standing Rules throughout the year as our primary charge. That being said we are often asked to have the committee look at proposals to make comments on clarity and any conflicts with existing language.

We, in general, always evaluate our policy and governance documents for outdated language, language that does not represent current practice or policy, and incorrect grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We then bring these items to the Board of Directors for further review and action.

Another chair will be appointed for 2014 as my term is ending. I wanted to express how much I have enjoyed working with the President, Board of Directors and my wonderful and dedicated Committee members. We may not do the most exciting work but we do one of the most crucial jobs of a non-profit association and that is to keep the Association’s governance documents current and accurately represented.

Beth Wrenn-Estes
Bylaws and Governance Committee Chair, 2011-2013