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Insider Article [January 2014] [1/7/14] (Membership Report)
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Membership Reportphoto of Rosario Garza

Over the next few months, CLA staff will be working hard to move our current website and the underlying membership database to a new platform! Why? Affiniscape, our website host, has been bought by another company, While we have to move the website, etc., we are taking the opportunity to make some much-needed changes to the website and to the options that will be available to our members!

Here are some of the features we hope you will like:
  • Obvious login box! This will make it much easier for CLA members to log in.
  • Community spaces for each of the interest groups, allowing you to communicate with your colleagues about issues and topics of interest to YOU!
  • Interactive membership directory that will allow you to find other members with similar interests!
  • Group registration option for the annual conference – you won’t have to call us to register your staff if you would rather do it yourself online!
We have started the work needed to make the migration happen! It will take several weeks of hard work, but we believe you’ll be pleased with the results. So stay tuned.

As of June 30, 2013, CLA had 1,619 active members. Active members are defined as members in good standing (i.e. members whose dues payments are up-to-date). The membership breakdown for June 2013 is as follows:

Member Type Number of Members
Business: 11
Institution: 63
    Friend 16
    Non-Library Employee 8
    Out of State 5
    Retired 4
    Transitioning 6
    Trustee 31
    First Time Member 205
    Friend 9
    Library Student 556
    Out of State 6
    Regular 634
    Retired 28
    Transitioning 17
    Trustee 20

For those of you who are curious, the “transitioning” category is available as a one year membership category to library staff who find themselves unemployed or who are moving into retirement.

We have also added two new institutional membership categories, "enhanced" membership and "sustaining" membership.  Enhanced membership is offered as an enhancement to your standard institutional membership, through greater benefits and increased participation in CLA; available at platinum, gold, and silver levels.  Sustaining membership is for those institutions that want to receive the highest level of member benefits and involvement and make a sustaining contribution to CLA.  Please visit our "CLA Membership Categories" Page for further information on our memberships:

The Board of Directors has established a Membership Committee to help us grow the membership and increase the number of renewals. Look for their work to start bearing fruit soon. And if you’re interested in serving on this committee, contact CLA President 2013-2014, Deborah Doyle.

Rosario Garza, Executive Director
California Library Association