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Insider Article [October 2013] [10/01/13] (Meet the Candidates)
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Meet the Candidates for the 2013 CLA Elections!

Voting is now open to active, voting members of CLA!
Be an informed voter by taking the opportunity to learn about each of our candidates. Select the candidates name to learn more about them.

CLA Vice President/President-Elect


 Robert Karatsu

"I feel that as the President-elect of the California Library Association, I have the necessary experience, knowledge, network and track record to help libraries of all types to continue to move forward, and to help the California Library Association become an even more responsive organization to its members and their institutions."


Elizabeth "Beth" Wrenn-Estes

"That passion for state library associations drives me to seek a larger leadership role in CLA as vice-president. I want to continue working with the other members of the CLA board and the library community in general to find solutions to improve and continue to move the Association forward."

















 CLA Board Member


 Ann Awakuni

"Next year will mark 20 years that I've worked in public libraries, (I know, I look too young to make such a statement!) and I bring with me the perspective of someone who has worked on the front lines and behind the scenes as well as in a leadership capacity in many settings."


Mary Cohen

"I recently attended a "Lead the Change" workshop and was inspired by many of the things I heard that day. In particular, the statement "we (libraries) create environments where people can change their own lives" really struck a chord in me and is now something I talk about when others ask me about libraries and why they are relevant in today's society. I am happy that the work I do on a daily basis contributes in some way to those peoples' lives."


Misty Jones

"I believe libraries are the great equalizer, always inclusive and never exclusive. I thrive on change and believe that the strength of libraries is in our ability to redefine ourselves to fit public need. As a library advocate, I want to make sure we are effectively telling our story to as many people as possible. We are responsible for our own future."


Tonya Kennon

"I welcome the opportunity to serve with full understanding that the future of CLA and California libraries will be as bright as we make it. Our success is guaranteed if we are change agents who effectively diversify, collaborate, and communicate. I believe in our ability not only to adapt to change, but to direct it."


David McFadden

"According to our Bylaws, CLA’s mission is to provide “leadership for the development, promotion and improvement of library services, librarianship and the library community.” In order to fulfill that mission, CLA needs to reach out to newer librarians, other types of librarians as well as our existing core members. CLA has started new ways of training like the Spring Fling and since the latest reorganization, has the potential to expand to meet the diverse interest of California librarians. Being inclusive and welcoming while trying to maintain our financial solvency is a tough balancing act but is possible."













































CLA Board, Student Representative


Nicholas Auricchio

"I feel that being a student representative would give me an opportunity to interact with the people who are currently trying to be innovative within the profession. I hope that as a young information professional, I could offer a new viewpoint and become a contributing member to their work in the field. I think that, as a librarian, it is important to be aware of the upcoming trends within the field and I feel that being a student representative will help me to do so."


Ellie Fullman

"As a student representative of CLA, I would bring to this candidacy great enthusiasm along with a willingness to be an active learner, participant, and contributor whenever possible. In fact, I can think of no greater honor than to be considered for this board position as I believe strongly in the importance and value of professional associations and would use this opportunity to try to spread this message to other information students."


Barnaby Hughes

"I am a passionate advocate for open access, library publishing and information literacy and I am excited about the future of libraries and librarianship! As student representative, I promise to offer our California Library Association all the effort and enthusiasm necessary to make us a premiere organization."


Lisa Nowlain

"I am seeking this position as a way to expand my understanding of the field, learn from other librarians, and interact with the innovative and exciting projects that CLA is doing. Beyond my own interests and personal professional development, I see it as a chance to advocate for student voices within CLA."


Kimbelee Wheeler

"I am very interested in CLA because the organization has given me access and the ability to interact with my library peers throughout the state. I was convinced to become a library student at the 2010 CLA conference in Sacramento and have only grown more fond of the organization in learning about the history of CLA through my own library's centennial year events."













































To learn more about our candidates and to cast your vote, please visit our election page at:

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