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Insider Article [October 2013] [10/01/13] (Management Team Message)
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Management Team Message

photo of Rosario Garza

 Why Join CLA?
Recently I responded to a member who sent a message that asked why they should renew their membership. They asked me “sell” them on renewing and they wanted a reason other than the opportunity to serve “on committees for free for CLA.”

This was my response:
Frankly, if you are only concerned about the money, I have no arguments that will convince you to renew. I have always felt that a big part of being a professional means being a member of your state association, as well as the national one. It is part of giving back at the local level. ALA is good, but it doesn't have any influence at the state level. CLA works with lobbyists to bring about increases in state funding for library programs. There is NO OTHER ORGANIZATION out there that advocates effectively on behalf of the libraries within California's legislature… Membership dues help support these efforts.

At the end, it is an individual decision that comes down to this: What are your ultimate professional goals?

  • If your professional goals include being a role model for young professionals, you should be an active member of CLA.
  • If your professional goals include being an advocate on behalf of the California library community, you should be an active member of CLA.
  • If your professional goals including having a network of colleagues throughout the state, you should be an active member of CLA.

I’m sure you can find your own reasons for belonging to CLA. I hope that each of you continues to renew and that you take a more active role in YOUR association!

Rosario Garza, Executive Director
California Library Association