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Elections:2013: Lisa Nowlain
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Lisa Nowlain for CLA Board, Student Representative

Statement of Concerns

I am seeking this position as a way to expand my understanding of the field, learn from other librarians, and interact with the innovative and exciting projects that CLA is doing. Beyond my own interests and personal professional development, I see it as a chance to advocate for student voices within CLA. As a student at SJSU in their online program, I interact with student-librarians from many backgrounds, and have understood the challenges and the opportunities it brings. We have one foot in school and the other in the job market; many SJSU students are working and navigating new technologies, career opportunities, and budget concerns that are both the future and the present for librarians and libraries. I am one of these students, and have worked within the online environment to make connections to other students and professors. I would like to be able to serve them, and I would be honored to work with the Board to uphold the CLA mission.

Lisa Nowlain's Background

My librarianship is grounded in commitments to service, learning, and collaboration with a focus listening to and acting on young people’s needs. My background in visual arts and social justice have strengthened my library work; I’ve learned to listen, be creative, and facilitate action. From my experiences facilitating mural workshops in Laos and in an Oakland library, being a volunteer preschool story-reader, transforming a picture book collection into a child-centered reading destination, and marketing for a youth-centered non-profit, I have seen the power of creative collaborative actions that make information accessible. Youth librarianship is at the intersection of all my commitments and passions. I hope to continue to integrate my skills as an artist and facilitator in a public library setting as I build my career as a librarian.

My current activities demonstrate my commitment, and my desire to work with innovative library projects. I am currently the Social Media Manager for the SJSU ALA Student Chapter. This summer, I am coordinating a mural at an East Oakland branch of the Oakland Public Library with teenagers, and working at an internship with the Teacher’s Institute at the Exploratorium, helping teachers develop innovative science curriculum at the Learning Commons library. Last semester, I worked as a volunteer reader at a Head Start Preschool through Books for Wider Horizons, and worked on a project that changes the Children’s Book Collection at the Novato Public Library from Dewey Decimal classification to a child-focused and child-driven reading destination. Prior to starting at SJSU, I had the opportunity to do research in Laos on a Fulbright Fellowship, and spent nine months doing public art projects with young people. I have extensive experience in facilitation, teamwork, and leadership, and as an online student, have the discipline and time-management skills necessary to hold this position.





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