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Insider Article [June 2013] [06/04/13] (Interest Group Spotlight)
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Interest Group Spotlight

Our interest groups have been working hard to bring you engaging and educational programs for the 2013 Conference.  Here is a quick look at just a few of the programs sponsored by our interest groups.

Collection Development Interest Group:

21st Century Noir: A New Look at Three Classic Authors

Judith Freeman; Denise Hamilton; Tom Nolan; Julie Rivett

Mystery author Denise Hamilton interviews three writers who will give you new takes on old favorites. Dashiell Hammett’s granddaughter, Julie Rivett, has the real story about Hammett in Hollywood and has unearthed screen treatments for two Thin Man movies. Tom Nolan is author of the critically acclaimed and Edgar Award-nominated Ross Macdonald: A Biography, an exhaustively researched portrait of a secretive and complex author. And Judith Freeman, novelist and USC writing professor, reveals in The Long Embrace: Raymond Chandler and the Woman He Loved, how Chandler’s pre-writing life and unconventional marriage set the stage for a hugely influential career. Join us for a fascinating conversation, play the noir trivia game, and win at “Guess Which Writer Wrote This?”


Youth Services Interest Group:

Let’s Play: Getting Messy at the Library

Pam Carlson, Long Beach Public Library; Brenda McIlroy, Santa Cruz Public Libraries

This session will enhance your library programming! Improve your storytimes with our suggestions for sensory play—including ideas you can use with children with special needs. Looking for a way of getting fathers more involved in your programs? Learn about an exciting new program from Santa Cruz Public Libraries called Let’s Play and take part in a hands-on session that will explore active, constructive and noisy creations which will tempt the dads into your library. For dads who can't attend the in-house program we have Let’s Play kits that provide the learning and fun in a pre-made, single tote package.


Literacy Interest Group:

Here’s the Money: Cultivating Individual Donors for Your Library

Kary Bloom, San José Public Library; Judy Klikun, San José Public Library

Are you wondering how to increase revenue? Would you like funding that is unrestricted, ongoing, and growing? Join San José Public Library’s Partners in Reading to discover options for increasing revenue through individual donor development. Giving USA has reported that individual donors contributed 73% of an estimated 290.89 billion dollars in 2010. Let’s tap that resource! Learn where to focus your energies and how to develop an effective plan to cultivate donors, solicit contributions, and build commitment. Have fun identifying and sharing simple opportunities that can begin the process of soliciting donations. Get practical tips for creating tools that communicate your message effectively. Discuss the findings of this LSTA project and begin designing your plan. Leave this interactive session with resources galore: a sample plan from San José, and templates, tools, and strategies that you can use to cultivate your individual donors.


Technology Interest Group:

A Conversation about eBooks: An Inclusive Critique of eBook Service Models, Vendors, and Publishers

Mildred Arenciba, Marin County Free Library; Henry Bankhead, Los Gatos Public Library; Mark Coker, Smashwords; Amanda Jacobs Foust, Marin County Free Library

Attendees will acquire a practical understanding of how two systems are approaching ongoing eBook issues, including both their successes and failures, with a special focus on acquisition models, self-publishing, and collection development. This session will widen librarians’ horizons in relation to the potential benefits of self-published eBooks for readers, authors and libraries, and will propose a model by which libraries can easily become content creation spaces through partnerships with self-publishers.


Public Libraries Interest Group:

New MLIS! Same Old Job Hunt…

Diane Charlin, MLIS Graduate, SJSU, and Job Searcher; Autumn Luscinski, MLIS Student, UNT; Martha Arroyo Neves, San Francisco Public Library; Brad Rogers, LAC Group, Los Angeles; Hillary Theyer, Torrance Public Library; Darla Wegener, Long Beach Public Library; Patty Wong, Yolo County Library 

Are you a recent graduate frustrated with the job hunt and trying to get your foot in the door? Our panel of recent MLIS graduates, employers, and agencies will discuss how to best use the experience you have, craft yourself to meet the needs of the public library market today, and use temp or agency work to your best advantage.


Academic Interest Group

Outreach Through the Side Door: Marketing Librarians and Library Services Through Faculty Development

Korey Brunetti, CSU East Bay; Andrew Carlos, CSU East Bay

In this session, two academic librarians share their experiences of leading faculty learning communities for teaching with technology. University professors are increasingly expected to teach large course sections. At the same time, pressures to infuse technology into existing courses—along with the steady march of online/hybrid offerings—have faculty scrambling to find classroom-friendly technologies with minimal learning curves. As both generalists with interdisciplinary perspectives on the academy, and as avid adopters of emerging technologies, librarians are well positioned to lead faculty explorations of educational technology. Our session will help users identify faculty support mechanisms (offices of faculty development, faculty tech labs) that can help the library connect with the teaching faculty. We will also address some successful strategies and pitfalls for leading faculty technology learning, explore how these interactions can help librarians form ongoing relationships with faculty, and demonstrate their value in new and perhaps unexpected ways.


Volunteer Interest Group

Resources Slipping Away: Those Experts You Need Will Go Somewhere Else!

Cathy Crosthwaite, Sacramento Public Library; Robin Hoklotubbe, Santa Clarita Public Library; Carla Lehn, California State Library; Hillary Theyer, Torrance Public Library; Shawn Thrasher, Ontario City Library

Volunteers can be an essential library resource, and evidence shows we are letting them slip away. Learn to take advantage of their skills, desires, and expertise, and use them for your library. A panel from the California State Library’s Get Involved Initiative will speak about leveraging experience in volunteers, allowing and empowering volunteers to speak for your organization, overcoming fears of volunteers “going rogue” on your mission, building a strong volunteer program around adversity, and working with management to ensure success. We will then share experience in small groups, offering personal advice from the front lines.