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Insider Article [April 2013] [04/09/13] (2013 Conference Update)
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2013 Conference Update

California Libraries Poised to Make Some Noise!

This year, we went out on a limb and called for interactive, interesting, and innovative programs for the 2013 CLA Conference. When we came up with our tagline, we didn’t know that the “interactive” requirement would raise the level of stress across the state!  It turns out that when people hear “interactive” they think they’re going to have to reveal their innermost secrets while holding hands with a stranger or do something goofy and embarrassing! 

Our call for interactive, innovative, and interesting was catchy, but we might have been better served by explaining that what we wanted were programs that ensured audience members were actively engaged. We wanted every submitter to plan, in advance, to engage the people in the room – at least make them active instead of passive listeners.

Well, despite the angst that our call for interactive proposals generated, the California library community has come through with flying colors!  There are traditional presentations and panels on cutting edge topics, sessions with opportunities for group discussions and activities, and teamwork, hands-on activities, quizzes, competitions, stuff to play with, live demos, active learning opportunities, and more!

We’re delighted by the excellent submissions we’ve received. They are creative, innovative, intelligent, clever, fun, interesting, inspiring, and yes, even interactive!  We’re confident that we’ll have three days in Long Beach that you’ll never forget! 

Lori Ayre
CLA Conference Program Co-Chair