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Insider Article [March 2013] [03/05/13] (Interest Group Spotlight)
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Interest Group Spotlight

Management Interest Group

The Management Interest Group has just finished one of its most successful years! Dedicated to the growth of the profession, we are committed to providing assistance to new library managers as well as library professionals who are just entering the field. We’ve provided a large slate of programs this past year and will provide even more in the future.

In the past year, we hosted a workshop by Cheryl Gould titled Work Has Changed, How Do We Survive? A great program not just for new managers, but also for those more established professionals who may need strategies to help them keep up in this fast-changing profession.

At the 2012 CLA conference, we coordinated the session Straight Talk: Insights from Five Library Directors with Rivkah Sass, Patty Wong, Luis Herrera, Brian Reynolds, and Robert Karatsu. This program was heralded by CLA members who have called for a repeat program at the next conference. We also provided a Career Center in the Exhibit Hall where librarians could get advice on job search strategies. This program is coming back with a more robust presence and even more volunteers for 2013. If you are interested in taking part to help new professionals, we are always looking for help.

This year, we are particularly proud of the Spring Fling program we have planned for the library community. Angie Miraflor from the San José Public Library will present a webinar titled Staff Development from Within on Thursday April 18th at 10am. Providing staff with professional development and training is critical to keeping them involved in moving a library forward. This workshop will discuss what to look for when developing training at your organization, ways to express appreciation to your staff, and how to create a mentoring program at your library. This is a great program opportunity for these lean budget years.

I also want to promote our mentoring program. We currently have 10 mentor/mentee matches and we are always looking out for mentors who want to help new professionals. Mentoring is a two way street and those new to the library field can provide invaluable advice to mentors as well.

Lastly, I would invite you to join our group. The Management Interest Group is a bit of misnomer. Even though most of the members are part of library administration teams, many are librarians who are leading from other positions. Our goal is to encourage leadership in our profession whether you are a manager or not. If you are interested in advancing your career, this group can provide the help you need to take the next steps.  Please feel free to contact me at at any time.

Jeff Scott
Chair, CLA Management Interest Group
Interim County Librarian, Tulare County Library