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Insider Article [February 2013] [02/05/13] (Conference Update)
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Conference Update

2013 Conference Call for Proposals

Remember that brilliant idea you shared with your colleagues over dinner, after the sessions ended? Are the conversations in the bar the best part of the day? Let’s capture that energy and bring it into the conference! We want it to happen all day long. So we're looking for sessions that are:

Innovative! “Wow, what an idea.” 

Interactive! “What a great activity.”

Interesting! “Really, I never thought of that.”

Submit your proposal between February 7 and March 15.  If you have an idea or experience to share that makes more sense as a more intimate conversation, consider doing a poster session.

What is a poster session? It is a presentation format with the following characteristics:

  1. A small, relatively restricted topic or theme that can be introduced and explained in a short time;
  2. A poster (about 24” x 36”) that presents the most important points of the topic;
  3. A knowledgeable person who provides a short overview of the topic and answers questions; and
  4. A handout that participants can pick up that contains additional references, links and information.

A poster session emphasizes conversation among small groups of people. It tries to strike a balance between talking and listening.  Some people may just wander by and read the poster or pick up the handout.  Others may “eavesdrop” on a group.  Some people may contribute their own experiences.  It is a fluid format, great for those who want to get their feet wet presenting on a subject they are passionate about.

We”ll be making decisions about what’s included in the conference based on your submissions and your votes. Instead of creating sessions around predetermined tracks and times, some sessions will be chosen by a 14 person program committee and some will be chosen by you through crowdsourcing. We want your opinion about what is innovative, interactive, and interesting to guide the conference experience.

What you submit and how you vote will determine great the conference will be!

This year’s conference is all about Making Some Noise! So make some! How?

  1. Submit a session idea
  2. Vote on your favorite sessions
  3. Attend the conference

Check out our conference website for more information.

See you in Long Beach!

Danis Kreimeier
2013 Conference Planning Chair