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Insider Article [January 2013] [01/08/13] (2012 Conference Winners!)
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I Street Press at Sacramento Public Library

Tisa Jewell
Meredith Steiner
Jeff Snapp

Congratulations to Tina Jewell, Meredith Steiner, and Jeff Snapp—winners of CLA’s 2012 Bring Your Own Bag to Conference Contest!

CLA went even greener in 2012 and asked attendees to bring their own bags to conference, where three bags stood out from the crowd:

Tisa Jewell won Best Upcycle

Meredith Steiner won Best Craftmanship

Jeff Snapp won Best in Show

The contest was coordinated by Sandra Stewart of San José Public Library. Tisa, Meredith, and Jeff all won gift cards for Michael’s, and Jeff also won a free registration to the 2013 conference.