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Insider Article [December 2012] [12/04/12] (President’s Message)
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President’s Message

photo of Derek Wolfgram
CLA 2013 conf logo
Let’s Make Some Noise

I am honored and delighted to be serving as your CLA President for the upcoming year. At this year’s conference in San José, I had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of you about your hopes and plans for the year ahead, and I was thoroughly energized by the enthusiasm, creativity, and positive spirit shared by so many of you.

At the membership meeting, I had the opportunity to share my presidential theme for the upcoming year, culminating in the 2013 CLA Conference in Long Beach, November 3-5: Let’s Make Some Noise. For those who were not able to attend, I want to briefly share the vision behind each word in that theme.

Let’s: An invitation to make it happen together. My recent call for committee volunteers has shown me just how many people are engaged with the work of CLA, which couldn’t be more gratifying.

Make: The invitation is also a call to action. The more each of you put into CLA, the more you will get out, and the stronger we will be. The theme is not “CLA will produce some noise on your behalf.” Each of you is an integral part of the noise making.

Some: In amongst the noise, some quiet time for reflection is ok. In fact, it’s necessary. Creating a lot of positive change does require us to rest once in a while to recharge the batteries and avoid burnout.

Noise: This word has multiple meanings for me. I think of noise in terms of energy, excitement, and celebration of the exciting things that libraries are doing for the people of California. Noise is also about advocacy, about telling our story loudly and proudly, not only to each other when we gather for Conference, but to the world at large every day. And finally, noise is often the result when people are having fun together, which I hope will be the tone of CLA in the year ahead.

I am excited about working with the outstanding board that you have elected to represent you, I am amazed by the creative thinking already coming out of the 2013 conference planning team, and most of all I am looking forward to building on the positive momentum created by your elected representatives, CLA staff, and each of you to make CLA the thriving, powerful, and productive organization we all want it to be. Let’s make some noise!

Derek Wolfgram
CLA President 2012-2013