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Insider Article [November 2012] [10/30/12] (Membership Report)
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Membership Report

In early 2011, CLA migrated its membership database to a more robust platform. Using Affiniscape’s M360 service, we now can efficiently track your renewals, your payments, and your attendance at CLA events such as Spring Fling workshops and our annual conference. Furthermore, we are able to accept credit card payments through a secure server.

Each member has access to their own information: You can see what events you’ve registered for, sign up for Interest Groups, see your balance, edit your member record and more! If you haven’t logged in to your own Membership Portal, you will need your login name (usually your email address) and your password. Don’t remember your password? You can reset it from the login page.

As of June 30, 2012, CLA had 2,338 active members. Active members are defined as members in good standing (i.e. members whose dues payments are up-to-date). The membership breakdown for June 2012 is as follows:

Member Type Number of Members
Business: 6
Institution: 59
    Friend 16
    Non-Library Employee 4
    Out of State 5
    Retired 15
    Transitioning 4
    Trustee 35
    First Time Member 137
    Friend 22
    Library Student 1,316
    Out of State 5
    Regular 636
    Retired 35
    Transitioning 19
    Trustee 24

For those of you who are curious, the “transitioning” category is available as a one year membership category to library staff who find themselves unemployed or who are moving into retirement.

The Board of Directors has established a Membership Committee to help us grow the membership and increase the number of renewals. Look for their work to start bearing fruit soon. And if you’re interested in serving on this committee, contact CLA President 2012-2013, Derek Wolfgram.

photo of Rosario Garza

Rosario Garza
Executive Director, Partners in Collaboration