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Re:CA Summer Reading Program iREAD FAQs
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California Summer Reading Program


Why is CLA partnering with iREAD?

  • CLA is partnering with iREAD so that we can continue providing a statewide summer reading program FREE OF CHARGE to California’s public libraries.
  • California’s participation in the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) was entirely dependent on LSTA funding from the State Library. LSTA funds paid for every California public library’s CSLP membership fee, program manual, and DVD.
  • CLA did not generate revenue from California’s participation in CSLP. Currently, the future of LSTA funding in California is uncertain. With no LSTA funding there can be no statewide summer reading program within the CSLP model.
  • In partnership with iREAD, CLA will generate revenue from the purchases that California libraries make from the iREAD store. That revenue will be used to continue providing libraries with high-quality statewide summer reading resources that are tailored to our state.  

 Why should libraries participate in the new statewide program?

  • By using the iREAD program you are sustaining a statewide summer reading program for California. The more California libraries that participate in the iREAD program, the more resources we can provide, and the better the program will become.  We are always stronger together!
  • California libraries will be directly involved in developing the resource guide and all other materials to ensure that the program is tailored to California’s needs.
  • The iREAD program supports libraries. As a coordinated, self-supporting effort between librarians, the Illinois Library Association, and the California Library Association, every purchase from iREAD supports library advocacy.
  • There is no time limit on using iREAD materials, including the graphics. You can use the themes at any time, e.g., in future years for winter or spring break!
  • The economies of scale. The more libraries that participate, the more we can lower the cost of the incentives and other products—which benefits us all! 

What will change now that we are working with iREAD? What will stay the same?

Libraries will continue to receive free resource guides and CDs; professionally-designed graphics; access to theme-based incentives and promotional tools; statewide program evaluation; training workshops; a resource-rich website; and year-round support from CLA staff.

There are some changes associated with the move to iREAD—all of which we think you will like!

  • Every purchase you make from the iREAD store supports library advocacy.
  • No membership fee for libraries.
  • Greater input into the design of future summer reading programs.
  • A one-theme, one-slogan program to unify your summer reading message.
  • Use your iREAD graphics however you would like to promote your program.
  • Outcomes-based evaluation materials are included in every resource guide.
  • A boutique summer reading service: you tell us whether you want to receive your resource guide in print form or on CD. 

What are the upcoming themes?

  • 2014: Animals: Paws to Read
  • 2015: Music: Read to the Rhythm
  • 2016: Sports and Games

The California Summer Reading Program is a project of the California Library Association, supported in whole or in part by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered in California by the State Librarian.