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Insider Article [October 2012] [09/24/12] (Bylaws and Governance Committee Update)
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Bylaws and Governance Committee Update

We are not one of the committees that people think of first when wanting to contribute their time to the association, but thankfully we always get a dedicated group to work on this most important standing committee. We do look for members to participate on the committee, so if you are interested please step forward.

The committee focuses on review of the Bylaws and the Board of Directors’ Standing Rules, and continuously compares our governance documents with association practice—we have a large association community, and monitoring is necessary so that we all stay on the same page. Right now, our committee has the following members, and I’d like to thank each and every one for their service: board members Tracie Carignan, Barbara Flynn, Mary George, Wayne Disher, and Derek Wolfgram; staff members Carol Simmons and Rosario Garza; and association members David McFadden and Deborah Doyle.

The Bylaws and Standing Rules are living and breathing documents and need constant care and attention. Our goal is to ensure that the association’s governing documents and its practice are in alignment.

Current legislative agenda—vote please!

We have three items on the Legislative (Bylaw) Agenda this year, and it is important to have you, as our members, vote.

The consent agenda meets our ongoing charge to bring practice and written policy into line. The Bylaws and Governance Committee brings seven items forward for one single vote. The other two items, brought forth by the Membership Committee, Finance Committee, and staff, are financial in nature: one adds a category of institutional membership and one proposes an enhanced membership structure.

We need members’ input into the process

Members can always contact the Bylaws and Governance Committee if they have questions about the Bylaws or Standing Rules of the Board, and can submit legislative proposals (items) to the Committee for consideration. If you have questions, or are thinking about submitting something for consideration in 2013, please feel free to contact me:

What we do

Here are the duties and responsibilities, as outlined in the Bylaws, for the Bylaws and Governance committee.

  1. Reviews and studies the BYLAWS AND STANDING RULES, and recommends amendments and changes to either document to the Board of Directors or Executive Committee in between regularly scheduled meetings of the Board of Directors.
  2. Receives and processes all proposed amendments to the BYLAWS AND STANDING RULES received from members and units of the Association. The Committee will edit any proposed amendments to state them in proper form but will not change the intent of the proposed amendment.
  3. Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors or Executive Committee in between regularly scheduled meetings of the Board of Directors regarding proposed amendments to the BYLAWS AND STANDING RULES.
  4. Gives notice of proposed amendments to the BYLAWS AND STANDING RULES to the members of the Association and/or membership in advance of the Annual Meeting when the proposed amendments will be considered.
  5. Checks the operating procedures of the standing and working committees, including special interest groups, to ensure that they are not in conflict with the BYLAWS AND STANDING RULES.
  6. Ensures that all proposed amendments to the BYLAWS for membership vote shall be accompanied by an information statement to provide factual background or statements for and against the proposed changes.

Beth Wrenn-Estes, Chair
CLA Bylaws and Governance Committee