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Elections:2012: Cheryl Gould
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Cheryl Gould for CLA Board Director

Statement of Concerns


 I’m Cheryl Gould and I’m running for CLA board because I think we are on the brink of a “sea change” and I’d like to be part of supporting staff and creating infrastructure so we can continue to carry out the core mission of libraries. I know that others are championing things like embedding librarians and new ebook models and partnering in the community. Those are tremendously important. My particular interest is to see that with all the retirements happening and pending, we have ways to support the new leaders in the state to create the kinds of libraries that will be flexible, adaptable, supportive of one another and willing to experiment with ways to support their unique communities. I’d also like to support staff to think about new ways to use library spaces that meet the library mission and that don’t necessarily focus on books and media but on a broader view of knowledge acquisition and creation. What’s my evidence of this sea change besides what I’ve mentioned? Derek Wolfrgram’s presidency of course. I don’t think that a beer brewing, barefoot running, guitar playing, Facebook fanatic librarian would have been possible a few years back. The fact that he has been voted in as president makes me think there are enough library staff out there ready to change and grow and create the future and I want to play too. ;)


Cheryl Gould's Background

"She has lots of adventures in her." That's how one insightful 8-year old described Cheryl Gould. Cheryl's latest adventures have brought together her curiosity about the inner workings of humans, her passion for true engagement, and her love of libraries and learning. Cheryl describes herself as a learning facilitator because she believes that learning can be easy and fun if we get out of our own way. Over the past 16 years with Infopeople, Cheryl has been delivering workshops and coaching trainers on over 200 library topics. In her own consulting business, Fully Engaged Libraries (, she is working in leadership development, facilitating “mental model busting” conversations about the future of libraries and developing management teams as well as offering customer service and communication training. Her current passion is bringing new research in social cognitive neuroscience and the skills of improvisation together to train library staff at all levels so that we can all fully engage with our communities and create the library of the future together.


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