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Insider Article [September 2012] [08/27/12] (Management Team Message)
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CLA Management Team Message

Renew ONLINE, Save Time

One of the best features of CLA’s membership database is that it allows any member to renew their membership online! If you haven’t logged in to view your membership record, just go to the CLA website ( and click on Member Login in the upper right corner of the screen. You’ll be asked to put in your login name, which for most members is your preferred email address. Then you put in your password.

But what if you’ve never logged in and you have long since trashed the email that had the login information? Not to worry. First, try using the password CLANET. That’s the generic password that is automatically assigned by the system. If that is still your password, the system will force you to change once you log in.

If you’ve changed your password but don’t remember what you changed it to, contact the CLA offices. You can send a message to or call 650-376-0886. While we can’t see your password, we can reset it! We can change it back to the generic password, which will force you to change it once you get in, OR you can tell us what you want your password to be!

So, now you’ve gotten logged in. Your member portal is your landing page, so take a few minutes to look at what’s there. On the right hand side you will see that you have links that will allow you to update your profile. Also on the right hand side is information about your membership: the type of membership you currently have and your membership period. If your membership is expiring within 90 days, the expiration date will be in red! And we even provide a handy RENEW link right there.

Your member portal also includes information on upcoming CLA events, with a link to registration forms! And it has information on any invoices and/or payments you’ve made.

Payments—let’s talk about payments now. When you renew, you can pay with your credit card. No need to print out invoices, write a check, find an envelope and a stamp, then make a trip to the post office! Our online payment portal is safe and secure. And you can print out a receipt as confirmation of your payment!

If you prefer to pay with a check, just mail it in with a copy of your invoice to the address that is printed on the invoice!

CLA staff members are here to help you. If you have any questions concerning your membership, give us a call at 650-376-0886. Or, send us an email at Or, use the @sk CLA link to submit a question or concern—it’s located on the front page of the CLA website.