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Interest Group FAQs
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Interest Group FAQs

What are CLA’s Interest Groups?
Interest Groups are groups formed by CLA members around a shared interest. They can be formed by type of library, type of activity, a special interest or geographic area. Interest Groups are a benefit of CLA membership and voting members may join as many groups as they like -- all free of charge!

You can find a full list of CLA Interest Groups on the Interest Group main page.
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What do Interest Groups do?

Each group designs its own activities based on what its members need and want. Many Interest Groups present programs for the library community at the annual conference and as part of CLA's Spring Fling professional development and networking program. Others produce newsletters, develop and serve as resources, and facilitate networking. Interest Groups are encouraged to be active in the ways that best meets the needs of their members.
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Why should I join an Interest Group?

Joining an Interest Group is a great way to be active in CLA and ensure that the Association stays relevant to you.

By joining an Interest Group you will

  • meet people who share your interests,
  • have opportunities to be active in your professional association,
  • shape the direction and content of the association,
  • expand your professional network, and
  • contribute to the development of the library community in California.

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How do I join an Interest Group?

CLA voting members can join Interest Groups at any time. Visit your personal member page to join one or more groups!

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I just joined an Interest Group. What should I do next?

  • First, and most importantly, sign-up for your group’s listserv to stay connected with other members and hear about all the latest news. Visit your group’s home page to subscribe, unsubscribe, and send messages to the list. All list members must be CLA members and subscription requests are verified by CLA staff before being approved.

  • Get in touch with your group leader and ask them what’s happening and how you can get involved.

  • Look out for postings about events and activities organized by your group and sign-up to participate!

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How can I develop a project or activity for my group?
If you’d like to develop a new project or activity for your group, simply contact your group leader to discuss your ideas. Interest Groups are as active and vibrant as their members and group leaders welcome volunteers who want to help the group grow and develop.
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What if my interest isn’t covered by an Interest Group?
If you don’t see your interest among CLA’s Interest Groups, then please start your own group! Any two CLA voting members in good standing can apply to start a new group. Check out our guidelines and submit your application!
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Can you tell me about the Interest Group Committee?
CLA's Interest Group committee oversees and provides support to the association's Interest Groups. The committee comprises between five and seven members including one Board member. The committee reviews Interest Group applications, activity reports, funding requests, and funding reports to ensure that they adhere to CLA's governing documents and Interest Group guidelines. It also oversees Interest Group dissolution.

The committee is comprised of CLA members who have demonstrated involvement in the Interest Groups, e.g., by leading a group, editing a newsletter, planning a program, serving on a board, or otherwise being an active member of one or more groups.
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Who can I contact with questions about the Interest Groups?
Please contact the CLA office or  Jenn Johnson, chair of CLA’s Interest Group Committee.
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