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Legi:How to sign up for Day in the District
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How to sign up for Day in the District

Our network of Legislative Contacts are hard at work setting up appointments. Friday, January 28th and Friday, February 4th are the two days we selected as key days to meet with your legislators, but when you enter the district online database, you may see that a different day has been scheduled to accommodate the legislators schedule. Regardless, now is the time for everyone to meet with legislators in their district office to protect library funding. Please follow the instructions below to sign up to participate. Thank you!

To register for an appointment with your legislator, go to the Library Legislative Day in the District Online Database at:

At the login screen enter:

  • Account Name: member
  • Password: member

After you hit enter you will be taken to a new screen. Click on "legiday" to enter the database. This will take you to the Home Page for the Day in the District 2011.

Click on "Legislators". This will take you to a listing of all legislators in the database. Legislators are listed in district order by default. By clicking the headers of the columns you can sort the list by individual field. Also note there are other navigation tools in the header of list of legislators, e.g. alphabetical shortcuts and links to individual legislative houses.

For each legislator, click on either "View" or "Sign Up" to the left of the legislator's name to bring up a screen with the legislator's appointment information.  You will then be prompted to enter your name and contact information. 

If you are a member of CLA, CSLA, or CALTAC the database will automatically retrieve the contact information on record for you. If you are not a member or the database brings up a list of names and you are not on that list you may register your name and email address by following the instructions at the top of the screen.

  • IMPORTANT #1: Always click the on-screen buttons to post information. Simply hitting the Return or Enter key on your keyboard may not work.
  • IMPORTANT #2: It can take some time for the Legislative Contact to set up the appointment. If the database does not yet list an appointment date and time with your Legislator, please keep checking. Please do not attempt to make an appointment yourself – your Legislative Contact is already in touch with the legislator’s office and we do nott want to cause confusion or appear unprofessional.
  • IMPORTANT #3: Address changes for appointments will appear in the notes field. Please check this a day or two before your scheduled appointment, as these may change to accommodate the legislator’s schedule.
  • IMPORTANT #4: Always click the | Log Out | link when you are finished. If you leave the screen idle for more than 5 minutes you will be automatically logged out. The database can accommodate only 100 simultaneous users.