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Governor's Budge Update
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The governor’s budget provides more than $9.5 million for California’s public libraries. It invests $5
million to help libraries deliver services faster by connecting to the same high-speed broadband network
as the University of California, the state university system, community colleges and public schools.

Local library literacy programs would also receive a $2.5 million funding increase aimed at expanding
services to the families of adult learners. With this $2.5 million, Gov. Brown has more than doubled
spending on library literacy programs since 2015.

The budget proposal also earmarks $1.5 million to encourage new ways of delivering books to
Californians including use of online sellers, like Amazon, and digitally linking the catalogs of multiple
libraries to offer Californians easy at-home access to far more information than what sits on the shelves
of their community library.

“These investments by Governor Brown help libraries do an even better job of connecting Californians
to what they need to thrive,” said Greg Lucas, California’s state librarian. “Every dollar spent improving
public libraries returns four or five times the initial amount in social and economic benefit. And that’s
particularly true of the literacy programs making stronger readers out of more Californians.”


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