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CLA Elections 2016 - Susan Broman
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Susan Broman, Los Angeles Public Library

Board Candidate

I bring a fresh perspective to the CLA Board, and will work hard to bring my enthusiasm for positive change and my skills in bringing together colleagues to solve problems to create opportunities for collaboration to benefit CLA members and the communities they serve.

Candidate Statement

The future of libraries has been debated my entire career. As with many of you, my family, friends, and complete strangers question my choice of profession, wondering why I would go into a field that was so clearly doomed. I believe it is clear that the future of libraries is exciting and changing and adapting all the time. We know the importance of healthy, vibrant libraries to our communities and the power of knowledgeable and caring library staff. I am a strong advocate for the thoughtful use of technology and online services to expand the tools we can make available to our patrons. The California Library Association is an important avenue for building partnerships throughout the state, advocating for libraries, and helping us all to strengthen professional connections.
I’m honored to run for CLA Board and welcome the chance to get involved in an organization that has provided me with opportunities for growth and connection multiple times throughout my career. I enjoy working with a group of committed and creative people to build systems and pathways for growth. I would work with the Board to explore and expand collaborative partnerships that would benefit members and the communities they serve.


Susan Broman has worked in public libraries in California since 1994, beginning as a children’s librarian for the County of Los Angeles Public Library and gathering the skills, experience, and knowledge to become the Director of Emerging Technologies and Collections for the Los Angeles Public Library. Among her proudest accomplishments are introducing librarians to the world of comics and graphic novels and advocating for their inclusion in collections early in her career, having several people who worked for her pursue a career in librarianship, building a culture of change and guiding implementation of self-service technologies, working with a team to deliver patron-based website and online services, creating a venue for staff to share their best work to their fellow staff members at staff training days, and collaborating across traditional silos to solve issues facing the library.
Besides working in and thinking about libraries, Susan enjoys tacos, origami, learning about technology, exploring new music, trying out organizational systems, and wandering around the art museums and galleries of her beloved Los Angeles.