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December 5, 2019

Sister Libraries

To promote the concept of a global community of libraries, the American Library Association (ALA) encourages U.S. libraries to form partnerships with libraries in other countries. Developing a Sister Library relationship can be a great opportunity for each library to learn about the work and lives of librarians around the world.


  • Broaden your staff’s view of the library profession
  • Increase staff and community knowledge of other cultures
  • Exchange information, resources, expertise, and training between libraries
  • Share techniques and technologies to help solve problems
  • Improve access to information in both countries
  • Promote awareness of libraries and their international reach
  • Raise awareness of issues and needs facing libraries in various countries


Get tips on how to find a Sister Library. Browse “Libraries Seeking Sisters” list of libraries seeking a Sister Library partnership.  If you wish to be added to the list so that a potential Sister Library can find you, complete this form: Add Me to the List of Sister Libraries Seeking Partners. For more information, email  

Each Sister Library relationship is unique. Once two libraries decide to partner, they establish the level of commitment that they are both comfortable with; the partnership can be as formal or informal as desired.  It can be as simple as holding virtual conversations once a month to exchange ideas, or more complex involving exchanges of materials and staff. For more examples of successful library partnerships, check our Success Stories page.

Building a partnership with a library in another country means exchange of knowledge, information, resources, experience, and good ideas on library work. Join us in making the library world a little smaller and more connected! The Sister Libraries Committee is looking forward to your participation.


Sister Libraries Committee
ALA International Relations Round Table

October 26, 2019


Presented by the Advocacy & Legislative Committee to further the mission of California libraries


The California Library Association Executive Board works with the CLA Advocacy & Legislative Committee, CLA lobbyists and association members to make a difference for California libraries and the communities they serve, working primarily at the state level; some support is offered for local and national advocacy. CLA is a non-partisan organization.

CLA supports local libraries and their advocates in building strong relationships with communities, legislators and leaders through Day in the District and other outreach.

CLA actively advocates for:

      Infrastructure Needs of California Libraries

      Equitable Access to Library and Information Services including:

      Broadband Equity for California Communities

      eMedia and Electronic Resources

      Library participation/representation in statewide initiatives for:

      Early Education

      Adult/Family Literacy

      Digital Literacy

      Career Support

      Services for Vulnerable Populations

      After-School/Summer Programs for Youth

      Other Educational and Social Service Programs

      California State Library Funding and Budget Enhancements

CLA generally supports the positions taken by the American Library Association in other key action areas, including:

      Intellectual Freedom


      Census 2020

      Net Neutrality

CLA also monitors all state legislation that may impact items on the above list or that are identified as having an impact on libraries, library funding and/or library staff.

Approved and adopted by the CLA Executive Board on October 26, 2019

October 7, 2019

2019 Election Results

As of October 4, 2019, CLA has 1,487 voting members. 10% of that number constitutes a quorum for a valid election.

234 votes were cast using the online voting system, but 21 of those did not have a current member number and not counted.


# of Votes Cast

% Votes Cast

Jayanti Addelman



Heather Cousins



At-Large Representative (the top 2 are elected)

Jeanette Contreras



Brandy Buenafe



Susan Broman



Brian Edwards



Madeline Bryant



Dana Vinke



Student Representative

Mayra Fuentes



Danny Thien Le



Are you in favor of setting $40 as the annual dues for paraprofessionals joining CLA as Voting Members?









August 1, 2019

CLA Statement RE: LinkedIn Learning
and Access to

The California Library Association has been closely following the conversations and discussions surrounding LinkedIn Learning’s change to access for library users, engaging and participating along with many concerned librarians in California, and across the United States. 

Please find a message from the California State Librarian (, and a message from the American Library Association ( regarding the changes for access to, and the privacy implications.

While CLA is disappointed in the decision of LinkedIn Learning, we are proud of California's strong privacy laws that protect the library use of all our patrons.  This includes the California specific Government Code section protecting patron privacy in use of resources from their public library.  You can find this provision, along with other California Library Laws here: and we encourage all Librarians to be well informed.

These protections, and the principles that enable all to use their public library, are further enshrined in local privacy policies, our adherence to professional practices, and the daily work we do for Californians every day.  

In addition, along with the American Library Association, we “encourage library vendors to respect the privacy and confidentiality of library users.”  We also encourage you all to review your policies and procedures as they pertain to privacy, review the hyperlinked information, and determine the best course of action for your respective libraries. 


Michelle Perera, CLA President and the CLA Board