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Conference Planning Committee
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Committee Charge




Committee Charge 

The Conference Planning Committee coordinates program selection and activities for CLA's annual conference.


Committee members serve one year terms.

Committee Members  

Stacey Akahoshi (Program Committee)  

Yemila Alvarez (Program Committee)  

Kris Anderson (Sponsorship)  

Carla Arbagey (Local Arrangements)

Jennifer Baker (Program Committee/Battledecks Planner & Host)  

 Henry Bankhead (Program Committee)  

Gladstone Bucknor (Night Track) 

Lauren Candia (Night Track) 

Andrew Carlos (Program Committee chair)    

Vanessa Christman (Sponsorship Committee chair)  

Erin Christmas (Local Arrangements chair)  

Jeanette Contreras (Publicity)

Daisy Cortes (Local Arrangements) 

Erica Cuyugan (Program Committee) 

Deborah Doyle (Program Committee) 

Joanna Fabicon ((Program Committee) 

Yelena Giznnuzzi (Program Committee) 

Elizabeth Goldman  (Program Committee) 

Dolly Goyal  (Program Committee) 

Lori Gray (Sponsorship) 

Isabel Guzman (Local Arrangements) 

Robin Hoklotubbe (Special Events chair)  

Barbara Howison  

Andy Huertas (Program Committee) 

Madeleine Ildefonso (Program Committee) 

Mike Jiminez (Local Arrangements) 

Ashley Kagan (Special Events) 

Rachel Kitzmann (Program Committee) 

Dolly Knight (Pre-Conference chair)  

Erwin Magbanua (Publicity / Special Events Committee / Conference  Mentoring Program) 

Juliene Malecot (Program Committee) 

Tim McDonald (Night Track)  

Julie Oshiro-Leviste  (Special Events Committee/Conference Mentoring Program) 

Nicole Pasini (Publicity Committee)x

Michelle Perera (Sponsorship chair)  

Ziba Perez-Zehdar  (Publicity) 

Morgan Pershing (Publicity chair)  

Jamie Poirier (Program Committee) 

Beatriz Preciado  (Special Events)  

Amy Punaro-Calhoun  (Program Committee) 

Patricia Rivera  (Sponsorship) 

Edwin Rodarte  (Night Track)  

Courtney Saldana (Program Committee) 

Stacy Schlesinger   (Special Events)  

Elizabeth Schneider  (Night Track)  

Cassandra Stearns  (Program Committee) 

Shawn Thrasher (Night Track chair) 

Kelly Tyler (Special Events) 

Emily Weak ( Publicity) 


Derek Wolfgram, Conference Planning Committee chair: