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Conference Planning Committee
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Committee Charge




Committee Charge 

The Conference Planning Committee coordinates program selection and activities for CLA's annual conference.


Committee members serve one year terms.

Committee Members 

Misty Jones (CLA President) 

Derek Wolfgram (Conference Planning Committee chair)


Andrew Carlos (Program Committee chair)

Cathy Crosthwaite (Local Arrangements Committee co-chair and Special Events Committee co-chair)

Vanessa Christman (Sponsorship Committee chair)

Rebecca Forth (Publicity Committee chair)

Dolly Moehrle (Program Committee assistant chair)

Rivkah Sass (Local Arrangements Committee co-chair and Special Events Committee co-chair)


Jennifer Baker (Special Events Committee) 

Carolyn Brooks (Program Committee)

Maria Carpenter (Sponsorship Committee)

Yu-Lan Chou (Sponsorship Committee)

Jeanette Contreras (Special Events Committee)

Heather Cousin (Program Committee and Sponsorship Committee)

Heidi Dolamore (Program Committee)

Deborah Doyle (Program Committee)

John Fiedor (Local Arrangements Committee)

Velva Hampson (Program Committee and Special Events Committee)

Susan Hanks (Program Committee)

Jennifer Jenkins (Sponsorship Committee and Special Events Committee, Night Track)

Ashley Kagan (Special Events Committee)

Bill Kolb (Program Committee)

Jessica Lanz (Program Committee)

Erwin Magbanua (Special Events Committee)

Helen McAlary (Program Committee)

Julie Oshiro (Sponsorship Committee and Special Events Committee)

Nicole Pasini (Program Committee and Publicity Committee)

Lindsay Pealer (Special Events Committee)

Kelly Pepo (Program Committee and Publicity Committee)

Jamie Poirier (Program Committee and Ignite coordinator)

Nicole Powell (Local Arrangements Committee)

Sharon Radcliffe (Program Committee)

Joy Rodriguez (Program Committee)

Courtney Saldana (Program Committee)

Laura Seaholm (Program Committee)

Paul Sims (Special Events Committee)

Shawn Thrasher (Program Committee and Publicity Committee)

Allison Tran (Program Committee)

Amy Trulock (Program Committee)

Thomas Vose (Special Events Committee)

Emily Weak (Program Committee)

Kimberlee Wheeler (Local Arrangements Committee) 


Derek Wolfgram, Conference Planning Committee chair: