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Insider Article [September 2012] IT Team
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Meet CLA's IT Group

As of July 2011, CLA has access to a full IT team! Even though the IT group as a whole has basic knowledge of overall technology; each member of IT has specific IT skillsets which allows for better growth in technology as well as support to our members. CLA IT consists of an IT Directory who oversees the overall technology, a web-master who creates new websites, maintains the CLA website, creates forms, and supports webcasts, a Systems Engineer who implements and supports servers and new technologies. Two additional members who are not technically IT but help out so much we consider them part of the IT group that is CLA Operations Manager and Program Director.

Meet the team!

Technology is created and/or implemented when we see a need or an idea is presented. Several months ago as I had an question for my local city and could not call because it was 2am, I opened a helpdesk ticket with my question. Well this brought a thought, “I’m sure I’m not the only one who works in the middle of the night or has an idea or question”, why not implement a helpdesk system for CLA where members can submit a question or share an idea no matter what time it is. So...  @sk CLA was created. Not only does @sk CLA allows members to submit a question or make a suggestion during at any time, but it allows the CLA management team to rout the question to the correct management team member and prepare and research so the question can be answered correctly.

What is IT working on at the moment? The new CLA site was developed and implemented on March of 2011. Unfornatly the placement of data throught the site was not well recieved by members. Because members are most important to the CLA organization, the site re-org was moved to second on  the list of projects, conference was first of course. Thanks to CLA's Program Director (Natalie Cole), A group of UCLA students volunteered the evaluation of the CLA site as a class project. CLA IT took advantage of the great opportunity and began working with the UCLA group.  The group has since then completed the evaluation and provided a thorough report. CLA' webmater is currently moving data around as per the group's recommendation.

IT asks CLA members to give the helpdesk a try and submit any suggestion and/or ideas. We are a group of IT geeks and love implementing new technology and love getting ideas or suggestion from members!