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Committees are organized to address issues that affect CLA, its members, and the library community at large. Committee member composition seeks to balance representation by type of library, experience relevant to committee's charge, new and veteran CLA members, ethnicity and gender. Typically, the current CLA President appoints members to committees prior to the annual conference in November. Committees have their own worksites where they can participate in dicussion and store content.

CLA voting members are eligible and encouraged to serve on CLA working, standing, and award committees. If you would like to participate in CLA by serving on a committee, please complete Committee Interest Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

Working Committees

The roles, functions, and activities of working committees are reviewed and renewed on an annual basis by the CLA President and the Board of Directors.

  • Awards and Scholarships - Oversees and supports the work of CLA's awards and scholarships committees and participates in the planning for the CLA Awards Gala.
    2015 Chair: Jennifer Baker
  • Conference Planning - Coordinates program selection and activities for CLA's Annual Conference. As with most CLA Committees, the Conference Planning Committee Chair is selected annually by the CLA President.
    2015 Chair: Michelle Perera
  • Intellectual Freedom - Creates an awareness of the issues of intellectual freedom, investigates any controversial issue, provides resources for handling problems and prepares recommendations.
    2015 Chair: Angie Miraflor
  • Interest Group - Oversees and supports Interest Group activity, reviews program and funding requests from Interest Groups, and assists interested members in forming new interest groups.
    2015 Chair: Hillary Theyer
  • Membership - Responsible for evaluating and developing CLA membership procedures, dues structure, recruitment and retention campaigns and member benefits. fdsd
    2015 Chair: Vanessa Christman

Standing Committees

Standing committees are permanent fixtures within the CLA organizational structure. The roles, functions, and existence of standing committees can only be adjusted with changes to the CLA Bylaws, voted on by full, voting members of the association.

  • Advocacy & Legislation - Works closely with CLA lobbyists to coordinate CLA legislative agenda. Committee members also watch current and pending legislation and respond to requests for information from legislative agencies and other associations and organizations. 
    2014 Chair: Laura Seaholm
  • Bylaws and Governance - Reviews the duties of officers; reviews the formation, charges and dissolution of Committees, Interest Groups and other components of CLA. Makes recommendations for any needed revisions in the CLA Bylaws and the Standing Rules of the Association.
    2015 Chair: David McFadden
  • Finance - Recommends an annual budget for CLA and considers all matters of a financial nature that are referred to the committee. The CLA Finance Committee consists of seven members who serve three-year staggered terms.
    2015 Chair: Beth Wrenn-Estes
  • Leadership Development -Fosters activities that maintain and promote a pool of potential CLA leaders; provides mentoring and leadership activities; makes recommendation of members to serve on committees, task forces, and working groups; and prepares a slate of candidates for the annual elections.
    2015 Chair: Deborah Doyle