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CLA Interest Groups
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Join a CLA Interest Group to network with other CLA members who share your interests.

Click on an Interest Group name to view that group's pages and find out what it does.

To join an Interest Group, please select the group or groups you want to participate in when you join CLA or renew your membership. There is no limit to the amount of Interest Groups you may join. If you are a voting member and wish to join an Interest Group, log into your member record and select the group(s) you would like to join. If you don't see a group that meets your interests, please contact CLA staff to talk about forming your own group.

  • Academic Provides a forum for the interests and concerns of anyone employed by or interested in academic libraries.
  • Adult Services Provides a space to share ideas, guidance and support for those working with adults across the demographic, socioeconomic and intellectual spectrum.
  • African American Librarians Supports efforts to eradicate inequities that affect minorities, functions as an ombudsman for African American librarians, promotes library and information services to African Americans, evaluates the quality of published materials concerning African Americans.
  • Chinese American Librarians Promotes better communication among Chinese American librarians and serves as a discussion forum for professional concerns among Chinese American librarians.
  • Collection Development Provides a forum for the exchange of information, ideas, and experiences on any aspect of collection development and collection management.
  • Library Facilities For anyone working on issues with a library facility such as building, remodeling, moving or repairing.
  • Library History Promotes awareness, research, preservation and discussion of historical materials and issues involving libraries and librarianship with primary emphasis on California and Californians.
  • Literacy Literacy services in California libraries strive to empower and improve the quality of life for adults and children who want to raise their reading and writing skills. The Literacy Interest Group supports literacy services in California libraries.
  • Management Promotes excellence in the management, administration and governance of libraries in California.
  • Marketing and Public Relations Recognizes critical role of marketing and public relations in the success and survival of libraries and acknowledges the need to increase visibility.
  • Public Libraries Provides a forum for the interests and concerns of anyone employed by or interested in public libraries.
  • Reference Stimulates and promotes the education and growth of reference and information personnel and supports the development of user-oriented library services.
  • Special Libraries Provides professional resources, guidance, and mentorship to special librarians at the statewide level, and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and sharing of resources between special libraries and other libraries in California. 
  • Student Provides formal and informal networking and professional development opportunities for current and recent library students.
  • Technical Services Provides continuing education, facilitates exchange of ideas among those with day-to-day Technical Services responsibilities, acknowledges outstanding individuals in Technical Services, and aims to contribute to the overall success of CLA.
  • Technology Evaluates past, current, and future technology trends to improve the IT experience for both library patrons and library staff.
  • Volunteer Engagement If you are starting a volunteer program, taking one over, supervising volunteers, seeking volunteers, or otherwise rely on volunteers in your library, this Interest Group is for you.
  • Youth Services Provides a forum for open discussion and exchange of information to members interested in issues related to staff development and other children's and teen library services.